Draft (and we ain’t mean beer)

To be honest, I’ve long held that on a personal level I do not have an issue with giving any male over the age of 18 a beer.  My argument, they’re 18, they’re an adult. How can we refuse them.  Don’t tell me they’re not mature enough.  They’re mature enough to have to register with the selective service, potentially be drafted, have a rifle shoved in their hands and be told to go kill people.

How much more maturity does one need to have a beer?

You might have noticed that I said any male, that’s because women do not have to register for selective service.  (Not because of maturity.)  And I’ve long argued that in the quest for equality women should be required to register for selective service. Even if there wasn’t a need for combat jobs, they certainly could fill roles in other military capacities (flying drones, IT, medical field, chefs, etc).  Well with the recent change in the military. And access of women into combat roles. The question now becomes, “Will this bastion of inequality be removed?”

If so, I have no problem with a gal subject to the draft having a draft.  😉



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