Understanding the Sequestor…

So I was trying to understand what the sequestor really means. So I tried to put it in terms of a household, after a liberal friend decried the evil of the Republicans in pushing for such extreme cuts. So here it is…(barring any mistakes in my quick Excel calculations).  


Understanding the Sequestor…

You earn $75,000/year. You’re charging another $25,000 to your credit card, which is already near it’s maximum limit. Current credit card debt is $420,000.  And you’re wife demands you cut $2,235 out of the budget.  And you call her stupid. (We’re not even counting the $1.5 million we owe on the mortgage – borrowed funds from social security, pensions, etc.)
Really, maybe the Republicans are bloody stupid. Because they’re fighting over a mere $2,000 out of a hundred thousand dollar budget.  Why bother?


Proposed Cuts ($2K): $85 billion
U.S. Revenue ($75K): $2.9 Trillion(1)
U.S. Proposed Budget ($100K): $3.8 trillion(1)
U.S. National Debt (credit card): $16.5 Trillion (2)
U.S. Total Debt Obligations (mortgage): $58 Trillion (2)

NOTE: All figures are rough approximates, but it gives you a ballpark understanding. Yes, what a stupid wife to demand you cut that $2,000.  What a pittance of cuts in reality.

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