Granny Warriors….knitting quilts of death and destruction


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has come out with it’s report on “anti-government extremists”.  The irony, is that the SPLC is such a radical entity, that I consider it to be an “extremist hate group”.

Anyways, they’re claiming a huge spike in the increased number of “extremist and militia” groups – up 7% since the prior year alone.

Of interest, the article did state “The SPLC report also offers a bit of good news: The number of “immigrant-bashing” extremist groups — so-called nativism organizations — is way down from 2011, falling by 88%.”

So basically, it’s nice to know white supremacy and racism is in decline. I am very glad to hear that, because frankly, I don’t feel those have anything to do with patriotism or liberty. And they hurt the real supporters of freedom with their stupidity.

That said, just what does the SPLC consider to be hate groups? Well, the article points out that the “Granny Warriors” made the list this year.

But founder Linda Hunnicutt says her organization is harmless. “I am deadly!” she joked. “I’m 74 years old. I have COPD. I have congestive heart failure. I’m sewing a quilt.” Hunnicutt acknowledges she’s no friend of the federal government, but, she wishes no harm on anyone.

It is interesting that they have a category for “general hate”, which apparently includes “radical traditionalist Catholics” – what the hell does that mean?

“”The country needs to do better,” Potok wrote in an editorial. The Department of Homeland Security, he said, needs to act to avoid a repeat of the kind of hate-based violence the nation saw in the 1990s.”

Wait, is he referring to the LA Riots?

I’d also be very very very curious to know if any leftist extremist groups made it on.  Violent Environmental Rights groups, anti-christian groups, Orson Scott Card haters, etc.

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  1. ANYONE that lives in this “land of the free”, and DISAGREES with our government is now the villan and a trouble maker. WE who don’t agree and say so, are labeled as haters and paranoid. Whilst those that hurl those unfounded accusations, are clean as the new fallen snow and gentle as lambs…..NOT! But, I’m fully convinced that the division amongst our people was planned and we “the people” have fallen into the trap. while we’re fighting against one another our government continues to play it’s slight of hand with our lives. It will be we ourselves that hand over our freedoms in the name of tolerance and maybe a bowl of rice.

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