Zimmerman waives preliminary “Stand Your Ground” defense

Why this is important, and very much appreciated on my part.  Much of the media on the left were trying to turn this case into an attack on the recent “Stand Your Ground” legislation. By not pursuing that defense, Zimmerman is basically helping to protect our legislation by removing it from the argument and limelight.


NOTE: The article does note that they could still use it as a defense during the actual trial. So not being a lawyer, (there are many great lawyerly gun blogs that can truly explain this). I am presuming that they’re not going to attempt to have the charges dismissed via the “Stand Your Ground” defense, and rather go to trial to prove innocence.  I think for this particular case, it’s a wise move.  Zimmerman needs to face a trial, and be cleared before said trial if he is to ever have any of his life back.  If he used the “Stand Your Ground” law, the media would exclaim that “a child murderer goes free due to a loophole”. This is the game our enemy likes to play. And I am glad that Zimmerman’s legal counsel are wisely playing a defensive move that is good for our entire cause.

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  1. Actually, the press has been trying to make this about “stand your ground” all along, but Zimmerman’s defense makes no claim on the “stand your ground” part of the law. The hearing that they waived was not a “stand your ground” hearing as the press continues to claim (if for no other reason than because I don’t believe there is such a thing), but just a self-defense determination hearing.

    Based on what I’ve been reading on Zimmerman’s lawyer’s site, I think this was a move just to gain time. They’re still going to claim self defense and trial and may try to get a ruling on that right up front. They’ve been getting slow rolled on discovery by the prosecution and I think they still don’t believe they have all the evidence they’re going to get. The court wouldn’t grant a continuance, so they waived the hearing to have time to continue to press the prosecution to give up the evidence they’ve been with-holding.

    Something else that came out of the hearings today that’s been pretty low-keyed by the press: The infamous “witness 8” who was the supposedly under-age (who was actually 18 at the time) girl who was supposedly on the phone with martin minutes before he was shot and who was so broken up by his death that she was hospitalized and was unable to attend his funeral, admitted today that she lied about that and was not in the hospital during the funeral (the defense was trying to subpoena the hospital records).

    That’s a big deal as it speaks directly to the credibility of the prosecution’s “game changing” star witness…who also happened to provide the totality of the pretext for charging Zimmerman in the first place.

    I think this is huge and if the defense doesn’t absolutely crucify her at the trial, they’re incompetent.

    I still don’t see how this can be anything other than a slam dunk for self defense. There is simply no credible evidence at all that contradicts Zimmerman’s story…which is why he wasn’t charged in the first place.

    His life is in disarray now, but after he’s cleared, I have no doubt that he’s going to counter-sue and quite profitably at that…not to mention the book and movie deals to come.

    • Especially NBC which put his life in jeopardy. That should be a good easy million.

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