Shoot first, ask questions later….

There is a failing in police training, and it’s becoming more and more abundantly clear.  The current training seems aimed at “We have a badge. Shoot First. Then assess the target we’ve shot.”

This disturbing case in Chicago of a shop keeper who was being robbed, and then when the robbers flee at the sign of police, police come in guns blazing and gun down the shop keeper.
And worse, refuse to allow the fellow shop keeper to render basic first aid. That too seems to be becoming a growing trend.

But let me go back to some basics. There is a reason we have law enforcement conducted by police. In the past, townspeople enacted law enforcement.  They formed a posse.  And they responded when one made a “hue and cry”.  But the problem was, all too often a citizen wasn’t trained and could go in guns blazing when it wasn’t necessary.  So we abdicated that role, to full time professionals with the understanding that they would be just that – professional.

They’d be trained to assess, to evaluate, and to respond with deadly force only when necessary and when a last resort. Somehow that has changed. And it’s respond with deadly force before we even ask people to surrender, respond with deadly force before we even run the pickup’s license plate; frankly, it’s getting a bit ridiculous. And police are very lucky in the last few incidents the victims survived. But the woman in the truck had bullets to the back, and that will have a profound and lasting effect on her life. And I am sure the shopkeeper being shot in the arms, hand and leg is going to have a diminishing affect on his quality of life.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good officers out there.  Who frankly, need to be sent to some of these PD branches and knock some sense into their heads.


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