Arsenal: Media finally gets it right, and I get jealous

Apparently police have seized an “arsenal” of guns from a home on Long Island. And well, this time they got it right…. 300+ guns (230 rifles, and 85 handguns).

Yes, we here at NUGUN are officially jealous…

So immediately when I saw that report, the very first thing that came to mind was. “I bet this guy used to be a licensed FFL.” And wouldn’t you know it, sure enough. The guy was a licensed dealer until 2004.

I wager the arsenal was his stock of firearms when the business ended.  Now, granted, the article declares he had 85 illegal handguns. But by that, I believe they mean 85 unregistered handguns. That were probably legal when he was a licensed dealer. And ceased to be when that license expired.

That’s probably something licensed dealers don’t really think about much.  IMHO, he should have rented a U-Haul, and brought them all to an licensed FFL in PA and jointly sold them at a gun show.  I wager he bought many of those before 2004. So his wholesale cost was probably way below today’s prices.

That said, they mention he had business cards with his expired FFL#. So I wager they may nail him on “dealing without a license”.

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