Why we don’t trust you…. (fact checkers and bias)

 15 years – 17 years = -2 years  (why is a study that predates NICS background check system by 2 years being touted for background checks today)

“40% of guns sold are sold without a background check”

That is based on this…

“We conclude that approximately 60 percent of gun acquisitions involved an FFL”

From a report/study published in 1996, which itself was based on a phone survey of a mere 250 people. Note that the study wasn’t even addressing background checks. It simply asked the gun owners if the seller was a licensed FFL. (Versus family member, gun trade, unknown, etc).



Per wikipedia, the NICS background check system was implemented on November 30, 1998.

And where is pulitzer winning PolitFact.com on the matter? Do we see listings of President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel  and more….all with their flaming PANTS ON FIRE logo?  Nope…

How does FactCheck.org (yes, that bastion of unbiased political fact checking) sound off on the issue?

“…the number is quite often stated as fact when no one can say for certain.”
No one can say for certain? Yes, a 3rd grader researching this issue could say for certain sir.

And while they do actually state that it’s fairly misleading. They handle it with gloves when
ACTUALLY, it’s a flat out lie. NICS background checks weren’t even implemented at the time of the survey. So that makes it false. Second, the conclusion was mis-applied. Third, the total was closer to 35%. And lastly, with only 250 acquisitians surveyed, the study is questionable from a scientific standpoint. Furthermore, it’s from 1996.  That’s a bit long in the tooth.


In truth, it was the gun issue that made me lose faith in these “non-biased” fact checking sites. As there is a continual strong bias against guns.


But every now and then they get it right. But then again, this is Rangel. It’s hard to wrangel any truth out of that guy.

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