Daewoo K2

With all the rhetoric coming from North Korea, there has been a lot of coverage. To be honest, I am not that concerned. I expect at most a token missile or two, small skirmish. Declaration in North Korea that they won.  And the end. (Cyprus banking situation has more cause for for concern IMHO.)

However, I noticed a picture of South Korean forces with their rifles. And was somewhat surprised that they were not AR platform.   But as I looked, they didn’t quite have the AK platform look either.

So I googled…


Daewoo K2 (remember the Korean brand of cars that tried to get a foot in the door here in the U.S. several years back).

So after reading, it sounds like an interesting rifle that has blended elements of the the AR and the AK platforms into the Daewoo K2.

It utilizes NATO 5.56 cartridge, M16 magazines, and it’s bolt carrier group is derived from the AR  design.  However, it utilizes the gas operating system of the AK47.

Interesting to note it’s four modes of selective fire: safe, semi, burst, and auto.


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