What do the rank and file law enforcement think about gun control?

FACT: 95% of law enforcement do not believe a magazine ban will reduce violent crime.

FACT: 85% of law enforcement feel White house proposed legislation would have either no or a negative affect on their safety.

FACT: 90% of law enforcement feel that an assault weapon ban would have no positive affect in reducing crime.

FACT: 80% of law enforcement do not believe a ban on private transfers would reduce crime.

FACT: 60% of law enforcement feel increased severity of punishment for gun trafficking/straw purchasers would reduce crime.  30% did not, and the remainder were unsure.

FACT: 70% of law enforcement oppose a national database tracking legal gun sales.

FACT: 90% of law enforcement feel that use of a firearm during a crime should result in stiff mandatory sentence with no plea bargaining.  THIS IS WHAT POLICE VIEW THE CAUSE OF THE VIOLENT GUN PROBLEM – they keep busting criminals only to see them released onto the streets two weeks later.

FACT: 70% of law enforcement felt favorably toward public sheriff’s/cheifs who declared they would not enforce gun laws they viewed as unconstitutional.

FACT: 90% of law enforcement support concealed carry by civilians. (Actually 91.3%, only 4% oppose.)

FACT: 84% of law enforcement usually carry off duty. Another 12% sometimes carry.
The following survey polled 14,000 law enforcement officers.  You get a very different picture from the rank and file officer than you do from the “politically appointed” police chiefs of big cities.  As for accuracy, I cannot attest. But the oft quoted study that politicians use to claim 40% of are sold without background checks only used 250 respondants ( & the study was actually done before background checks existed).

H/T to Sebastian

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