This is NOT the Toomey I voted for…

Senator Toomey is apparently working with gun control advocates (including Chuck Schumer).  He’s even using their terms, or variations of them such as  “gunsense”.


I am very frustrated, angry, “spitting bricks” angry.  We gun owners keep getting burned.  Senator Toomey was elected largely due to support of 2nd Amendment Advocates, Tea Partiers and the libertarian elements of the Republican Party. 

But it feels like even when we lose, we get !@#$%. Stabbed in the back. Etc. We elect because they tout our ideals. But then, it seems like they switch on us.  And frankly, I believe this is one of the most dangerous trends in American Democracy.  Why? Because between this and party controlled primaries which eliminate 90% of the candidates before most of the country votes.  We are finding ourselves “voiceless”.  And that is very very very dangerous.

Americans choose to decide things peacefully, because they feel they have a means to express their voice and support their causes. Remove that, and I fear things will further divide and eventually lead to violence.  There is NO OTHER possible outcome. If you tell a huge part of your population, they can’t do something. While simultaneously, eliminating any means for them to feel they can enact change. Then you leave them with only one choice, enact change through force. And that is NOT somewhere we want to go.


I have contaced Toomey’s office and received little statement. I expressed the need for him to release a statement.  Apparently, after days of questions we’ve FINNALY gotten a press release.

From the statement, it sounds like universal background checks will be implemented on all commercial sales with some exceptions – maybe for spouses, parents/children, siblings and neighbors.

It is claimed that it also includes improvements to protect interstate travel (aka driving thru NY/NJ with a gun) when you stop at a hotel, have vehicle failure, etc.  And some additional protections for military/former-military on NICS checks and purchases in various states.

Frankly, if we’re going to pass a universal background check bill. Then I ask why can’t I buy a firearm in any state? If I see the exact model I want while in Connecticut, or if I see a collectible firearm, why can’t I purchase it. They’re going to do a universal background check. So why limit purchases to state of residency?

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