Some articles of interest…

Dorner’s gun up for auction.
When you consider that Dillinger’s gun went for $95K, and Dorner is touted as causing the largest manhunt in California history.  With the current bid at $400. Seems like Dorner’s revolver might be a good investment for those who like historical mementos. (I’m sure no one in 1934 thought Dillenger’s pistol would go for close to $100K.)

4 Generations of Gun Smiths all working on one out-of-production shotgun line.

A new anti-gun threat… “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America”
(first off, can we have some common sense in organizational names pleasse MDAGSA. Why not Demand Action Moms for Sense on American Guns DAMSAG )
But I think we need caution, because they’ve already launched a provocative photo mem that I’ve seen circulating on Facebook – and already personally cost me one friendship.–new-ads-contrast-school-bans-and-gun-regulations-174614434.html

They’re pretty much spouting the typical MAIG points. And I’d wager this is just a MAIG funded face to put “Moms” on the call tag.

(Apparently, per this article their “conference call” with Vice President Joe Biden was cut short by the Boston Marathon Bombings.)

Off-Topic: Social Security, we now pay more than we’ll get. In otherwords, simply sticking your money in U.S. treasury bonds would have been a better investment than Social Security.  In fact, shoving it under your pillow would have been better.

Gun Background Check Deal in JEOPARDY…we can only hope.–politics.html


Because when police are the only ones with guns, double murder suicides will cease.

(Tragic, an NYPD police office, shoots her 1 year old son and the baby’s father. I’d suspect that this may have been a severe case of post-pardum depression.)


And so it begins… New York’s common nonsense…

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