Old Article but Insightful

A reporter goes against her grain and heads to the range.

“The AR-15 is heavier than I thought. It is louder than I thought. And yet… shooting it is easier than I thought. I don’t flinch when I pull the trigger, even though the blast causes nearby car alarms to go off.”

Guess I was surprised that car alarms went off. The AR15 is not all that intense as firearms go.  I wonder if something else was fired to set the cars off.

Also think it’s interestingthat she thought it was “heavy”. I think it’d be a great experience to hand someone an old M1/M14 in relation to the AR platform.


“The AK-47 is harder to handle. The magazine tips out instead of going straight in, the safety is difficult for me to engage and disengage, and it feels way too long in my arms.”

So right there folks. You know understand why adjustable stocks are a prohibited criteria. Because it creates “assault women”…  0.o


“my forefinger is black with soot.”

This seems odd to me…


“The 9mm is harder for me to handle so it takes more concentration — and, oddly, that makes me feel more comfortable.”

Sometimes a reverent fear is a good thing.


“The other women in my group have told me that the single-barrel shotgun is harder to shoot than a pistol or a rifle, and they’re right”

Joe Biden once again proved to be a dumb !@#$%, here we have it from a leftist liberal lady’s own mouth. The shotgun, not so easy as the AR15 to handle and use.


 “By my second turn, I’ve stopped thinking of the shotgun as a weapon and think of it instead as a piece of sporting equipment. This isn’t as big a leap for me as it seems: I was a fencer in high school and college (yes, sword fighting, of sorts) so using a weapon while playing a sport makes sense. I just never thought of a gun that way.”

There is hope….


“the end of the day and I’ve been learning and practicing and shooting for nearly 7 hours;”

Kudos on this reporter’s effort.  Wish we had more like her, willing to expand their envelopes and learn.


“My classmates are talking about empowerment and control, but I mostly feel calm, relaxed, and alert. It’s not because I’ve destroyed something or worked some anger out of my system, it’s because target shooting demands absolute concentration. You have to stay focused, and that feels good.”

Wow, focus, self-challenges, can lead to calm.
I do think Tom Gresham is right, our best way to win, is to introduce new shooters to the sport. Because its FUN!!!!

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  1. Good breakdown. Wish more “journalists” would attempt some training before giving there opinion on the matter

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