Can someone explain to me the Governor Corbett issue?

Okay, I’m not saying I’m singing his praises. But I am rather confused. I keep hearing that Governor Corbett is not liked. And I mostly hear this via media articles that seem to give almost zero reason why.

This article touts the Penn State Jerry Sandusky case. Which to me seemed like one of the most mis-handled cases, not on the Sandusky side. But on the Joe Paterno side, who seemed to have reported to authorities the situation. Never understood why he had to take a fall. Mind you, I’m not a sports guy. But from a casual observer he seemed like he did his thing. But regardless, this does not seem to me that it should have been an issue for Governor Corbett. Criticizing his performance on a matter as Attorney General after he’s elected and citing it as a reason people don’t want to re-elect him just seems “odd” to me.

The other issue is the Medicaid expansion. Honestly, I’d have to say for 90% of Pennsylvanians this is a non-radar issue. I mean, really…this is what has people so irate at Governor Corbett.

Okay, so one might get into budgets and spending and taxes. But it seems to me that none of that has been much different than predecessors. If anything that might hurt his Republican base.

Frankly, I think Governor Corbett needs to push through the modernization of Pennsylvania liquor laws. And that should give him a boost. Likely will be enough to get my vote. SET MY BEER FREE!!!!

So I am open to anyone who can explain, that this perception is really anything more than liberal left media doing their best to sabatage a sitting Republican governor.

Which is a very effective strategy. Just repeatedly saying “People don’t like so and so…”, will in fact get people to not like so and so. And it’s a tactic that the liberal media uses very effectively.  Its just that I keep seeing articles like this, but they never ever have a single legitimate reason for why Governor Corbett is unpopular. They just seem to me, that they are printed for the sole purpose of decreasing his popularity.

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