5 month old seized by gestapo child protective services…

I first came across this incident a few days ago. And yes, my blood boiled.  The situation is as follows:

Parents basically take child into hospital. Some questionable care proceeds to happen, followed by the hospital wanting to conduct immediate emergency surgery.  Statements do not jibe with prior doctor’s diagnosis and instructions. They decided to pursue a second opinion. Depart to another hospital and receive care and are discharged. 

First hospital informs Californian Child Protective Services (CPS). Police are sent out.  Parents show and affirm that child did receive care and proper discharge from second hospital. Police politely thank them for their time and depart.

Following day police arrive at their house and kidnap their child. Parents still do not have custody.  There was no immiment threat. The parents showed proof of secondary care and follow-up.  This was out and out GESTAPO….

And to me is a thin red line….

http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/nikolayev-family-reunited-baby-sammy-calls-change-160500121.html (article)

http://news.yahoo.com/video/baby-taken-parents-seeking-second-121338494.html (video)

The fact that the judge who heard the case is still mandating CPS visits and dictating they can never remove the child from medical care again is disgusting. This family did nothing wrong. CPS should have heads rolling, but CPS services have a blanket protection… “if it saves just one child”.  Even with proof they did not endanger the child, the mother was only being granted a single hour a day to visit her 5 month old (nursing age) child.

Folks, this event more than any other in recent days is proof to me that we must never ever allow the government to ban ARs. This is a thin red line, one I pray to God I never ever have to face.

THIS IS NOT MY FUCKING AMERICA…and I am sorry to use profanity on my blog. But this case is far beyond acceptable. My America doesn’t shamelessly go around kidnapping nursing babies from their mothers without any real cause. Just because they have the power to do so. (Or sadly, I guess my America DOES do that.) 


Dear law enforcement, if you are ever brought out on a case like this. Where the so called claimed “danger to a child”,  and it is apparent that no such threat exists.  Please, use common sense. Look at the CPS agent, and refuse to follow their dictates.



PS – Reading the comments on Yahoo is quite interesting. There was an entire thread of comments lambasting the quality of care of Sutter Memorial hospital. Just to provide further insight into the parent’s case.

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