“The law is very clear…”

Per Sayuncle, an honors high school student/Eagle Scout is now facing felony charges for having arrived at school and realized he had his trap shotgun in the trunk still. He went into the school office to call his mom.

Some dip by the name of Tracey Peedin Jones stated “The law is very clear when a person knowingly and willingly brings a weapon onto educational property,”… really, I have yet to see a law that was ever very clear.  But let’s evaluate that statement. Did this young man knowingly or willingly bring a weapon onto an educational facility. No.  He did not, it was an accident.  So, hey, by her statement this should have been handled differently.

“There’s no room for gray area,” she said.
“There’s no room for discretion for human error.”
THIS is what our opponents call common sense gun laws. “There is no room for common sense.”

Yes, lets destroy the life of a young man, give him a felony conviction. Ruin his career, likely prevent him from going to the college of his choice, make it almost impossible for him to get a good career.

Seriously, this is the common sense you want?


Here is what we never understand. Why that zero tolerance never applies to them?

Also from Say Uncle. New reporters use fake IDs to try to make illegal purchases. Now, if we used the same stringent zero leniency. Should these two reporters not be arrested by a SWAT team and sitting in jail awaiting their trial to sentence and incarcerate them? Just saying…



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