Defense Distributed finally nails it…

John McClane’s mythical plastic gun has finally arrived. Defense Distributed has test a 99% plastic firearm. The firing pin being the exception; and for that they utilized a nail from a hardware store.

Please note, before you get up in arms, today’s X-ray machines and scanners will detect a plastic gun. That is because such scanners detect hardness, and plastic is still fairly hard/dense.  While a detector which only detects metal may not succeed in detection of such a firearm.

One does have to love how the media describes the founder of Defense Distribute: “Wilson, a law student at the University of Texas and a radical libertarian and anarchist”.

Mr. Wilson chose to name this first generation Wiki Weapon the “Liberator”, a tip of the hat to a cheap WWII one-shot firearm that was made by the Allies and dropped in enemy territory to aid insurgents.

Right now, the design is limited to low powered cartridges. The attempt utilizing a .380 (often referred to a 9mm short) succeeded. But the higher charge of a 5.7×28 exploded; destroying the firarm. That said, I believe this is not the end, but merely the beginning.

Apparently, Mr. Wilson was distraught by the fact they had a failure to fire due to pin alignment.  I am sure that he and Defense Distributed will seek to improve upon the design.

The success has led some legislators like the our beloved Chuck Schumer and New York’s Steve Israel to exclaim silly statements like “Security checkpoints, background checks, and gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print plastic firearms at home and bring those firearms through metal detectors with no one the wiser”.

The point Defense Distributed is making is that such devices will in the future be as common astoday’s color printers. In the future, you won’t buy a bowl or plastic fork for your kids from Walmart. You’ll simply print one at home.  And yes, in the future, obtaining a gun will be as easy as printing a large color document is today.The point is, only a legislator would be dumb enough to believe that passing a law will prevent criminals from doing this in the future.The only thing this law will do, is stop law abiding citizens from doing so.

Interesting to note that after much pressure to stop them, and being booted from two workshops, crowd sourcing sites, they have utilized Bitcoin for fundraising.  (Perhaps Sebastian might consider donating his bitcoin harvester’s crop to Defense Distribued.)

Congratulations to Defense Distributed for silencing naysayers who said it just couldn’t be done. Well, one barrel withstood 11 rounds. And I bet with further designs and reinforcements that the barrel could last longer. I think a honeycombed matrix of buttresses similar to those used to build the giant cathredals might enhance the strength of a plastic barrel. Similar to how an egg’s design distributes the pressure.I also must add, that I was thinking one would still need to bend some wire to make springs. But it’s clear from the photo showing the parts build out, that is not the case. Mr. Wilson has engineered his own springs made from polymer. Excellent…

Shame that these peaceful anti-gunners keep expressing themselves by making death threats toward Mr. Wilson. Perhaps that is why they are so anti-gun. Because they know the evil that lurks in their own hearts.



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