A Smart Gun I do Want

It was a while back when I posted about this smart gun…a rifle that when the user pulls the trigger, it doesn’t fire. Rather it waits a moment until it is confirmed on target, then fires. The advantages are numerous.

  • Trigger control becomes less important. In that the pull is not going to affect targeting (no more pulling to the left, pulling the barrel down, etc)
  • No more flinching….that’s pretty monumental for us novices prone to flinching
  • Savings to be had by not wasting ammo on miss shots – with today’s ammo shortages this might be the #1 factor.

Well, now we know the price. $27,500 for a 1,000 yard auto-targeting rifle. That’s really not too bad for “new tech”.  And I am sure this can be reduced to about $5,000 in another decade.

Yes, if I had the money, I would buy one.

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  1. It’s interesting, but would it be fun? Part of the fun of shooting is getting better and hitting your target. If you always hit the target, then it ends up being about your gun and not your ability.

  2. Agreed…it would definitely not be sporting. And I wouldn’t consider it an acceptable design for hunting, sport shooting, etc.

    But for life and death situations. Hey, I need to put food on the table. I need that deer/rabbit, or there is a bad guy shooting at me.

    It’d be a nice ability…

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