Breaking News: Zimmerman’s All Female Jury Selected

Is this truly a jury of his peers?  Oh-kay, we can put aside the jokes.

But I think this is monumental. You have a self-defense case, and the defense is going with an all-female jury. What does that say???

“The times, they be changing.”

See, women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the gun owning community. More and more women are realizing their own need to be able to defend themselves.

And I am very intrigued by this jury selection. But I think it might be a good choice.

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  1. Yea, but women in general tend to be much less sympathetic to the use of violence, even in self defense. The tend to not like guns and they tend to be more reliant on “the authorities” and therefore tend to think others should be as well.

    The prosecution is going to try to paint Martin as an innocent kid out minding his own business rather than the wannabe thug that he was and the judge has already ruled that Martin’s history of drug use, “thuggish” pictures and school disciplinary record can’t be brought up by the defense.

    I think the lack of men on the jury is a disadvantage, not an advantage.

    Oh well, he’s got a very good basis for appeal already based on the shananigans of the prosecuting regarding discovery and the refusal of the judge to allow the defense to depose Benjamin Crump.

  2. I like the fact that one of the women is Hispanic, this will cut down on the “Zimmerman is a racist” lie the DA will try to sell. I hope he beats this or at least gets a hung jury.

  3. The requirement in the US is for an UNBIASED jury, not one of your peers. Think about the derivation of Peers for a bit and you’ll understand why that is NOT a formulation used in the US

  4. Well, never can get a truly unbiased jury. But perhaps a not pre-determined jury.

    My point is, that a in a gun case, this would have been very questionable 10, 20, 30 years ago. But a lot more women are owning guns today than before. It’s a changing dynamic, and perhaps worth the risk.

  5. After having learned a bit more about the jurors and the criteria used to pick them, I have to recant my earlier unease.

    All but one of them claim to have little to no trust in the media. Most of them either own, or are close with someone who owns guns and none of them expressed reservations about the exercise of self defense.

    At this point, I’m much more confident about the outcome than I was at first…assuming that they answered the voir dire questions honestly.

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