Zimmerman Trial…(continued)


Some thoughts on the Zimmerman case…

  • The prosecution appears to be using a lot of circumstantial evidence. But what do you expect when little was seen.
  • I do not like the prosecution’s attempt to bring in Mr. Zimmerman’s past school records in his pursuit of a criminal justice degree. Considering, they’ve pretty much prevented any evidence of Mr. Martin nature prior to the night. And let’s be honest, Mr. Martin dealing in “illegal” guns is de facto evidence that he was willing to kill and murder.  Which does add to Mr. Zimmerman’s defense, that he feared for his life.  
  • I am not too keen on Duval County, Florida Dr. Valerie Rao. Her answers are made in a very definitive matter, on what is an extremely subjective topic.  And in my opinion, they do not reflect my actual life experiences. Which makes me feel she is a hostile witness seeking to have Mr. Zimmerman convicted.  In high school I was jumped, and I took three hits to the head. There was very very little evidence noticeable. One slightly swollen spot on the back of my head. But I sure as !@#$ hurt where I was hit.  I wager, Zimmerman took at least several impacts in sustaining his injuries. Maybe not a dozen. But it was sure as hell not a single punch.

Zimmerman has two issues with his case as I see it.

– His statement about spreading Mr. Martin’s arms out after shooting him. They were found underneath him. This could be as simple as Mr. Martin still had some life in him, and drew his arms to his chest at somepoint afterwards.

– Zimmerman not knowing the street. I think Zimmerman, walked to the other street, not to really get an address. But to see if Mr. Martin had ran that way and to see if he ran to the side exit of the gated community.

I will say, I do find it fascinating to watch how things are proceeding.

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  1. In my opinion, they’re not even presenting circumstantial evidence. Their own witnesses are corroborating Zimmerman’s story.

    Heck, even Dr. Rao testified that Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with his head impacting concrete a minimum of once and that Martin’s knuckles exhibited injuries consistent with striking someone.

    That’s the only thing the defense really needed. There is no requirement to sustain some minimum level of damage to justify self defense. The defender need only have a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm.

    I’d say being struck by an assailant and having your head impact concrete qualifies as a reasonable fear of such. I can’t imagine a juror who wouldn’t agree…of course I’ve been surprised before.

    At any rate, the prosecution’s entire case is built upon the premise that, yes martin hit zimmerman, but zimmerman was a wannabe cop who intruded where he shouldn’t have, and sustained only minor injuries that don’t justify lethal force.

    They ONLY thing they have to rely upon for such a case is pure conjecture and supposition, not even circumstantial. In other words, they really have no case at all.

    I cannot imagine a world where a jury could conclude anything other than self defense in this case.

    And the defense team is, in my humble opinion, doing a masterful job of cross examining the state’s witnesses to point out the weakness (or, rather nonexistence) of the state’s case.

    Do they even really need to call any witnesses? The State’s doing a great job of providing support for zimmerman’s version of events.

  2. Regarding the case against Zimmerman:

    I would argue the the views I have heard, and have read, are not what happened.

    After careful review of all evidence, this is the scenario that I believe transpired:

    1) Zimmerman was following Martin, a ‘suspicious’ and ‘black’ guy

    2) Martin was aware he was being followed, and noted that there was a potential threat there

    3) Zimmerman called the police, as he had many many times…

    4) The police informed Zimmerman that a policeman was en route, AND that he did not need to follow Martin

    5) Zimmerman still followed Martin

    6) Martin then, at some point confronts Zimmerman for following him

    7) Zimmerman, being obviously unable to hold his own against a rightfully agitated Martin, was afraid and stepped back as Martin approached

    8) Zimmerman, walking backwards, lost his footing and fell backwards, cracking his head upon the concrete

    9) Martin leered at him

    10) Zimmerman, no injured and terrified and thinking Martin was going to attack him while he was injured and prone fired the fatal shot

    11) Zimmerman, knowing that he just shot an innocent man, punches himself in the face a few times, to add to the look of a struggle

    NONE of Zimmerman’s DNA was under Martin’s nails, nor his fingertips and hands.


    Martin was innocent
    Zimmerman committed ~unintentional murder-
    akin to a schizophrenic who attacks an innocent thinking they are a threat-
    except that Zimmerman caused the scenario wherein he perceived Martin as a threat.

  3. Ben…

    If you look at the timeline. Mr. Zimmerman saw Mr. Martin behaving oddly, this was after a rash of home break ins. Not just robberies but home invasions while occupants were home. That is an extremely dangerous situation.

    See the Nanny Cam invasion for an example

    He called 911, reported that a supicious individual was in the neighborhood. The individual

    – looked like they were on drugs
    – was just walking around in the rain
    – was looking at people’s houses [scoping out homes]

    The Dispatcher asked for a racial description. To which Mr. Zimmerman replied. Mr. Martin first approaches, then goes off running.

    The Dispatcher asked which way is he headed. Mr. Zimmerman informs dispatch that he believes he’s headed for the back gate. It was during this time that Zimmerman is following to observe. The Dispatcher than asks if Mr. Zimmerman is following, and informs him that they do not need him to do so.

    Mr. Zimmerman loses sight of Mr. Martin, who then has 2-4 minutes to run home. (A whole whopping 200ft, or a 30 second walk for an out of shape computer guy.)

    Mr Zimmerman probably did go to the other street, expecting to see Mr. Martin flee the rear gate. He begins to return to his vehicle. Mr. Martin is now safe at home, as he had plenty of time to do so. If he had any concern or fear….

    But that is not what happened. In fact, soon after Mr. Zimmerman hangs up with 911. Mr. Martin attacks him. Why do I believe Mr. Zimmerman’s testimony? Because if this isn’t the truth, Mr. Martin should have already finished his 30 second walk home minutes ago.

    In fact, I hear folks retort that Dispatch told Mr. Zimmerman to remain in his car. But a review of the 911 transcripts shows that’s not true. In fact, Mr. Zimmerman is right about where you’d expect him to be at the time dispatch told him they did not need him following.

    So, let’s just shoot the whole “stalking/following/chasing” argument. Because the facts really point to that ending when the dispatcher asked him too.

    Mr. Martin, who had a habit of throwing down on folks. Who also was on drugs at the time. And who also used other drugs known to have similar disassociative affects as PCP. Chose to wait until Mr. Zimmerman was off the phone with 911. And jump him.

    A struggle ensued, Mr. Zimmerman was on the losing end. And Mr. Zimmerman reach a point of fearing for his life in which he chose to use lethal use of force.

    My story, fits with most of the fact. Ben, you basically have an out of shape guy keeping up with an athletic youth and basically shooting him prone (which would mean a rear entry wound), and that’s already been disproven by forensic evidence.

    Sorry many, Mr. Martin was no innocent youth. He was a thug. And I can mourn for the social structures that lead many of our youth on that path. But I can’t really mourn a cute kid who was dead a couple years before he ever met Mr. Zimmerman. You don’t deal, buy illegal guns, steal jewelry, punch bus drivers, get suspended repeatedly, and then attack a person just for asking what you’re doing (and let’s be honest, if we’re going to talk about minding our own business, why was he looking into other people’s homes – unless to scope them out).

    And if Mr. Martin is supposed to be free to walk around the neighborhood. Should not Mr. Zimmerman who actually owns property in the neighborhood be able to walk freely in his own neighborhood too?

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