Geo Gun Marker – why have .gov build a registry when your neighbors can do it for them…

Per Slashdot, UCSD lecturer has apparently released a geotagging app for “Dangerous Guns and Owners” with Gun Geo Marker.

There is a “read me first” which basically says, if there is an active dangerous situation don’t bother with the app CALL 9-1-1.  It also says you should not be concerned with neighbors who are hunter or gun enthusiasts and who properly use and store firearms. Nor be concerned merely because your neighbors are a member of a gun rights groups (aka NRA). Nor should you necessarily out dangerous criminals.

Okay, so what is this app? DHS attempt to turn in your neighbors as gun owners? LOL  So who is the threat….???

“First time gun owners or others who may not have not taken basic gun safety training, or who were not raised in a culture of gun safety….” 

I do give credit that he at least included the four rules. And says to use them as a test of knowledge of new gun owners.  Also lists those who brandish and well, in fact do stupid stuff.  But for some reason, I think the real intent or result of such an app will be to merely out gun owners, get them robbed and/or killed.

The following are the criteria that the app maker feels are valid.

  • “Possible unlocked/loaded/unsafe storage”
  • “Possible insufficient training”
  • “Guns and unsupervised children”
  • “Guns and substance abuse”
  • “Possible medical related concern”
  • “Neighborhood talk, unsafe”
  • “Possible high conflict, armed neighbor”
  • “Possible out of place, large arsenal”
  • “Documented/frequent unlawful discharge”
  • “Possible illegal weapons on premises”
  • “Possible prohibited persons”
  • “Possible anti-government/terror threat”
  • “Other concern (describe)”

So a quick test of the app at my current location resulted in the following:

“Good News. No dangerous guns found.”

I feel safer already. Don’t you?


Perhaps we need an app that shows where all “gun free zones” are, as these tend to have more gun murders than normal. Let’s build it!

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  1. Duuuude, there’s an app for that:

  2. As I suspected, it’s a huge failure, 21 5-star reviews, 511 1-star reviews. Some of the 5-star reviews are even dubious, Gun control is all about perception, not reality. If gun control was a store, nobody would shop there.

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