And you thought it’d be Texas…

Movement begins calling for sucession of Northern Colorado from the southern portion of the state.

(While I thin it’s unlikely to go anywhere. It does show that we are becoming a very deeply divided nation.)

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  1. Well, why not? West Virginia seceded from Virginia during the civil war. We have South and North Carolina, South and North Dakota, even in Florida I’ve heard liberals complain that South Florida should be it’s own State since The people in Central, West and North Florida don’t think the way they do. I say fine, let them separate. Real unity only exists among ideological lines, that’s why we have Red States and Blue States, Southerners, Yankees, Westerners, etc. The people in Denver are out of touch with the rest of Colorado, so I can’t blame them for those secessionist feelings. Of course, I doubt anything will happen.

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