Who’s benefiting from Stand Your Ground laws?


Daily Caller made a claim that blacks are actually benefiting disproportionately from SYG laws.
The Atlantic offered a rebuttal, and makes some decent points…but…

Even the Atlantic stated that

“Killings of whites by blacks were slightly more likely to be found justified than killings of whites by whites.”

WAIT…..did you READ THAT….while killings of white on white were less likely to be found justified than killings of blacks on blacks.  Killings of whites by blacks has a higher justification rate.

Now, to any who are familiar with history, this is a HUGE reversal. Isn’t this the whole statement, that if it was reversed. If the Martin/Zimmerman incident involved a black man shooting a white kid, he’d be convicted.  But the truth is, that “Stand your ground laws” are actually reversing that ‘tradition’.

But the media, with its Leftist anti-gun agenda focused on the banning of guns.  Is using folks as pawns to try to over-turn a law that is actually benefiting black Americans.  How interesting…

And let’s not forget the Adkins case in which a black man killed a young hispanic man, and was absolved on the basis of the Stand Your Ground law.

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