The gun buy scare is officially over….back to normal trends everyone

Yahoo/Wire discuss a drop in gun sales.

FBI background checks hit the lowest level since 2011.  Down 54% from December 2012 (month after President Obama became re-elected and launched his war on guns).

They propose 4 reasons:
– Obama
– Seasons
– Gun Control
– Physics
I’d propose…
– we beat back some gun control legislation
– we all bought high capacity magazines and ammo
– we’re broke and our spouses said enough
– it’s summertime and money is going to vacations and blockbuster movies

But the summary is “the gun scare” sales are over, we’ve gone back to the steady gun growth trend “mean”. And yes, I hope this means we’ll see ammunition re-appear on shelves in a few more months.
“In short, then, the spike in gun background checks over the winter was a bubble, inflated by concerns about the reelection of Obama, about a push for gun control, and due to the normal increase we see for the holidays. The decline is all of that dissipating, and settling back to normal levels. Normal levels, we’ll note, which keep climbing higher and higher.”
WOW, just facts, in a Yahoo article to boot. Amazing…

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  1. Reblogged this on Selling the Second Amendment by Gregory Smith and commented:
    Brilliantly put, our victories have cooled the gun/ammo buying for a long, but I suspect the frenzy will start again since Obama doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “no.”

  2. There is another looming budget showdown coming so another push for gun prohibition is likely to fail.

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