Ross, Pennsylvania….

Ross, Pennsylvannia Shooting

I was reading comments on CNN about the shooting. And a number of folks said, you need to read more.

Apparently, there is a lot more to this case. Now, I am not condoning Mr. Newell’s actions.  But  when you read what he went through. Basically a combination of environmental regulations, storm damage, and demands from government “to do” on the part of a man with little means. The end result being that same demanding government, taking what little this man had left.  This follows years of battle with that same township government. Over a permit for structure. Except the permit was modified by that township AFTER issuing. 

After being homeless at the hands of the local government, evicted from his property, he fought back. That said, murder of innocents is unjustified!

Frankly, I do feel our regulations have become ridiculously oppressive and costly.

But I do wonder, how long until we have the first Americans sent to prison for not purchasing health insurance with money they don’t have?

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