Bulletproof Back-to-school products

CNN has an article on various products to protect our school children

I actually support such developments, and believe that the mere positioning of book shelves, bullet resistent whiteboards, and steel rebar door locks (hole in floor, drop bar in, door cannot be opened). Could do a lot to make our classrooms safer by providing areas which can shield students.

If one can keep a shooter out of the classroom, and provide a barrier for the students to hide behind. They should be safe until authorities can arrive and subdue the shooter.

Sadly, I think very little thinking of this sort has been implemented at any school boards across America.

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  1. Those kinds of things are expensive. If they spend facilities money on that, they wouldn’t be able to afford necessities like oak paneled offices, mahogany desks and persian rugs for the offices of the Superintendent of schools and and the myriads of assistants, assistants to the assistants, directors of various and sundry programs, and other vital administrative personnel without whom our children could not possibly receive a quality education.

    Everyone knows that those vital necessities are MUCH more important than mundane things like protecting the children.

  2. Oh, I totally agree. While in high school, our public library was forced to drastically reduce hours. (ie: 2pm on Friday, closed – and this was the main branch of a city library)

    Meanwhile, they had all these nice knew lights that read “checkouts”, “return”, etc. Apparently each light was $1,500. They were designer and had no seams. Had we been okay with seams, they could of bought the lights for $300. Now there were probably 20 of these.

    That was $25,000 wasted for no reason.

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