Common Sense drives Obama an Biden to enact policies that have 0% affect on crime.

 “It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s common sense,” Biden

Ain’t no such thing in the world of “gun control”.

President Obama to ban re-import of guns provided U.S. allies (except for museums and government). And this is a brilliant example of common sense because this stops criminals how?

In fact, I would argue this will leave more weapons in international criminal hands. Which will be more likely to find their way to South America and get smuggled up from Mexico. “We are about being anti-gun, not anti-crime.” 

Furthermore, President is seeking to ban NFA trusts. For those unfamiliar, it is a legal account that holds ownership of NFA Title III weapons (fully automatic, short barrelled shotguns, etc).  The reason these are used are many. It facilitates inheritence, it allows multiple family members legal access, and in cases where one lives in an area with an anti-gun sheriff or police chief, it allows ownership without the need for the local chief’s approval.

And as the NRA points out, none of this affects criminals. This is all restrictions on non-issue elements.

First off, only a few hundred rifles are used in crimes a year. Less than half of those would even fall under silly so-called assault weapon designations (you know, modern rifles utilizing plastic and ergonomic features like adjustable stocks).  The NFA trust guns are highly regulated, and the number of legal fully automatic rifles used in crimes basically wouldn’t even show up in a bar graph.

But this is the “common sense” gun control advocates advocate for.
“Sooner or later, we are going to get this right,” Obama said….”The memories of these children demand it”…

I so hope this is true. I so hope so. I really hope that one day America will get it right. Namely, the last 4-5 of these shootings have clearly involved people with serious mental health issues.

And yet after every incident they push for gun control and disarmament. And the subject of improvement mental health access and reporting is never addressed.  Lougher was reported for his risk of safety to himself and others. And the system broke down. Yet we still cannot get this avenue addressed.

But they want to take away our guns….why?

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