Bump…Fire that is…

A company is selling a combination of a belt fed semi-automatic rifle, and a stock that facilitates “bump firing”.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, bump fire is essentially utilizing the recoil so as to press the gun back against your finger triggering another round.  The firing mechanism is still a semi-automatic, and you still only fire one bullet per trigger pull. The point is to remove the human muscle activity of pulling the trigger and replace it with a mechanism triggered by the use of recoil and rubber bands.

The result, a hoky setup that draws the attention of anti-gun CNN.  And sounds like the product which is made by Slide Fire in Texas is marketed by those totally unfamiliar with the fact that we have an entire multi-million dollar enemy who seeks to disarm America and loves using comments lise these

“It sprays like a fire house” – Brandon Renner, sales and marketing manager for Slide Fire.

Thank you, thank you…you just had to give the Bloomberg trolls some soundbites.  Come on gun community, whether you think it’s a right, whether you think it’s right, we still need to be very mindful of not handing ammunition to our foes. No, I’m not saying it’s wrong to develop such. I’m just saying that making statements like “sprays like a fire hose” is unnecessary and unwise .


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