DC Shooting….The ART of FACTS

The incident began around 8:20am at a Navy base.  The information was only exceeded by the misinformation. One shooter, two shooter, three shooter, more? 4 dead, a dozen dead?

It’s several hours later and we now have a known and dead suspect. I’m wagering the other suspected shooters were likely early law enforcement of military who quickly responded to a marked threat.

The question is, what do we know about the shooter?  Well there is a lot being tossed out, how much will boil down to truth – we don’t know.  But what is being reported is very insightful.

Claims & Rumors

– shooter had a concealed carry permit
– had a past arrest,  involving a a negligent discharge (perhaps intimidation of neighbor), not an arrest does not equate to a conviction
– Served in the Navy and then as a subcontractor
– may have lost his civilian job
– road rage incident where he shot out the tires of another vehicle
– had an anger filled blackout, and other anger management issues,
– may have suffered from PTSD (was this being treated?)
– dishonorably discharged after a “pattern of misconduct”

Huh wait, as far as I recall a dishonorable discharge results in an individual being a prohibited person.  Might I inquire as to how he was able to get a carry permit? let alone purchase and possess a firearm?

I expect the media to try to label him as one of us. But in most cases, the gun community does not advocate prohibited persons owning firearms and possessing carry permits.

Granted, none of this may be true. But if it is, than its really proof that the backgroun check system is an abyssmal failure.




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