Why you need the right to protect yourself?

Thug on a cycle, the man hit by the SUV has multiple prior incidents of criminal behavior. A suspended license. Was arrested on possession of drugs and felony possession of a firearm.  And nearly all charges were dropped, and he was released with a year’s probation time.

It has been said that nearly 85% of crime is by repeat offenders. I wager that figure is even higher if you calculated for crimes against strangers (eliminating domestic abuse, murders amongst those who knew each other, etc).

But a serious problem is that our legal system is doing a piss-poor job of keeping criminals locked up. Which might be a large part of the inspiration of my prior post regarding Oakland, CA

I am pretty convinced that this was a bike gang initiation. And that they surrounded, harassed the SUV. Did a bumper bump which went wrong. Then started attacking the SUV.  My only question is why did the owner ever stop long enough for them to pull him and drag him out of the car.


As a commuter who commutes from a free state (PA) to a penitentiary state (MD) it is extremely frustrating. Because I am a firm believer that one should have the right to defend yourself while in the vehicle with your family. Pennsylvania agrees with me, Maryland does not. Guess which one I choose to pay my property taxes to?

If society truly truly wanted to save lives, we would ban parole and early release. If it saved just 1 life, how about 100…a 1,000 maybe even 10,000?

I would be a Franklin that the elimination of parole, early release programs and the fully prosecution of criminals (ie: you’re a violent convicted felon caught with cocaine and a prohibited gun go directly to jail, do not pass probation) would result in at least a 1,000 lives saved a year.  And I wouldn’t even be surprised if 10,000 lives could be saved a year.

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