The Danger of Common Sense Gun Laws…

A DC man found his home raided by 30 gestapo police officers, his family abused, all for a claim of guns which were not there. They did find some musket balls, one shotgun round, some empty brass, and one box of ammo.

The result? The DC man now faces up to two years in jail. Mr. Witaschek does own guns as he is an avid hunter, but he keeps them at his sister’s house in Virginia. (Something that many of the new “Common Sense” gun laws proposed would make illegal, as it would be viewed as a “transfer”.)

Seriously, when I hear folks talk about the no compromise NRA, and how we refuse common sense gun laws. I point to cases like this of zero tolerance insanity. And an unwillingness to fix these abuses. The other side has never ever shown any openess to work to fix laws to prevent heinous abuses like this. But they continue to bleat about a lack of compromise. Sorry, we’ve already compromised our rights tremendously. And they still can’t come to the table.

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