Shoot first, question later…. Cops kill 13 year old.

Officers see a 13 year old boy with a replica AK47.  Their response? Immediately shoot and kill the youth. No asking questions, nothing. Just shoot first.

We often hear that only “military and police” should be allowed to possess firearms.  Yet, over 1/2 the incidents I’ve read in the news recently featuring gun tragedies have involved a law enforcement officer. 

We need to abandon this reckless police culture of “shoot first”, “gestapo SWAT raids”, etc. Or eventually the citizenry will start to view the police as merely thugs. Especially, when most of your time is spent giving out frivolous traffic tickets  while our calls to 911 go without any response.

There is only one reason for police.  And that is to have a force who is trained to judiciously use force so that it only needs to be applied as a last resort. Any bozo citizen could walk around and blindly shoot anyone who looked like a threat. Police officers are supposed to be trained so that they don’t go in guns blazing. And if they’re not being trained that way, there is no purpose for them.

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  1. This comes from the modern police philosophy that their most important task is to get home safely at the end of every day.

    That’s not supposed to be what Policing is all about. We (used to) look up to and honor people in those positions precisely because it is part of their job description to place their own safety at risk to protect the lives of others.

    Not any more.

    And this type of event is the direct result.

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