Okay I am fairy supportive of open carry. I’m a strong 2nd Amendment supporter. I’m sure a few have their gripes with some of my views.

And I hate linking to a site like thinkprogress. But if that photo was taken at said event and is portraying it accurately. Than seriously folks YOU’RE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG ASSHOLES.

And please don’t give me any BS about open carrying. That one guy is kneeling in with rifle pointws forward – not slung. As far as I’m concerned this was brandishing.

This doesn’t build support for the 2nd Amendment. This undermines all the hard work the rest of us are doing.


NC Gunblog has given some insight into the photo over here.  The image he provided shows that part of what is going on is a photo angle. He shows that they were posing for a pic with the flag. And a disingenuous camera angle makes it look far more fearsome than it is. In fact, the individual in the front that looks as if he is brandishing, was likely just transitioning his rifle to the pose below. You can clearly tell both photos were taking within seconds of each other.

Rally Intimidation Rebuttal

But what does this mean? This means that our political enemies are hunting for anything they can use against us. And we need to be extremely careful not to give them any ammunition. They may have taken a 100 photos before they caught one that looked intimidating. But they still “got it”.

The top photo has three people, kneeling. One clearly looks like his hands on his rifle and not in a stowed/safe carry stance. Now, I can see in the second picture that he is pointing it down and safe. And perhaps the above photo was in fact a capture of him transitioning.

But the first photo sure as heck comes across like he is brandishing. And I am still of the opinion that if a rifle is to be open-carried. That it should be done so slung safely and not handled. When I open carry a pistol, I keep it stowed. I don’t fondle it unless I’m ready to use it. I am of the opinion that the same practices should be utilized with regards to rifles. While there are no holsters for rifles. Slings are the equivalent.

And this is one of the reasons why even within the gun community there is a lot of backlash against open carrying rifles. Because you give our enemies photo ops, which the media will more than gladly take advantage of.  No mainstream media rag will publish the bottom photo. But nearly all, even Fox, will be willing to publish the top and give an anti-gunner opportunity to write a damn article. Context is everything. And when we are given next to ZERO context in the media. We have to ensure that context is perceived clearly.  In this case, it was NOT.

When I served in the Coast Guard we had drilled into our heads that “perception” is 90% of the truth. That the truth is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is how your actions are perceived. And the perception of above photo does NOT aid our cause.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t open carry. I’m not even saying don’t open carry rifles. Though I think it is dubious as to whether it aids our present cause.  But I do believe that if you are going to open carry, be it a pistol or a rifle, your hands should really be off said unit unless you are intending to use it. It should be holstered or slung.

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  1. Looks more like they’re posing for a group photo and taken very much out of context.

    • That’s what I really want to know. …

    • I agree, although this group (Open Carry Texas) has a track record of poor encounters. The group photo can be seen on their FB page:

      This group does do harm to our cause with some of their antics, A recent protest in Austin went south with a near riot when a few of their members were arrested on a questionable basis.


    They were posing for a pic.

  3. Keep in mind that not all people open carrying are on our side.

    Some of them WANT to stir up trouble – panic the soccer moms, get hassled by the cops, and in general be a nuisance.

    I call these people undercover FBI agents.

  4. I blogged about it as well, but took a different view. They’re making a stand, they’re not shooting anyone, they’re not hurting anyone, they’re just making their presence known. If ThinkProgress wants to bog about it, I’ll blog about it. Let’s show those bastards that we’re the ones who are law-abiding, we’re the ones that support the Constitution, and if these gun haters don’t like it they can pack their bags and move to Canada, Mexico, or whatever country hates freedom as much as they do.

  5. Thanks for the link.

    I don’t see the problem. I think it’s good to piss them off and show them they can’t hurt us. Think “We’re here, We’re gun owners, Get Over It.”

    One of the major problems that gun owners have is that they believe the enemy propaganda. They believe that we’re a beleagured minority who need to be careful in how we appear. Nothing could be further from the truth. Open carry. Go to an open carry dinner or picnic. Find out how few people actually care that you’ve got a gun. Modern media priviliges those who make the loudest noises. The screaming freakouts make the news, which shape your view of the battlespace. The problem is that the reality is 90% are oblivious and almost 10% are supportive. You’d be amazed the number of times I’ve gotten “I’m carrying too!” and “Good to see some good guys with guns” and “I feel safer here now that all you guys are here.”

    The real reason the Open Carry is so hated by the antis is that it teaches gun owners how many sympathetic non-politically motivated people there are. It teaches you that you are a fish in a sea of citizens. They don’t dare allow us to do too much of it because once you’ve felt the love, you see how much you’ve been lied to about how many people “hate guns.”

    Another point. Texas bans open carry of handguns. Long gun OC is the only option they have. And there’s nothing wrong with making a political point with firearms.

    • I was unaware that Texas bans open carry of handguns. Still confused why Texas gets rated so much higher than Pennsylvania?

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