33 Minutes

The amount of time the TSA agent was left to bleed out before emergency medical help arrived – waiting for the all clear.

There was time in America’s history where the first responders would rush in, regardless of danger.  And while the risks were higher, it was beautifully noble.  I fear 9-11 changed us….and in a bad way.


This is a good reason why every gun owner should know first aid and how to treat a gunshot wound.  Knowing so might save your life or that of another person.

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  1. I am not old enough to speak to whether or not it was like this before 9-11, but as an EMT they drill it into us that the first and most important thing is scene safety. If the scene is not safe for any reason, you retreat to a safe distance and call in police/fire/haz-mat to secure the scene. Similarly, if an unsafe situation develops, you withdraw to safety as quickly as possible. If you can take the patient along with you it is considered a bonus.

    Of course there is some room for interpretation for what is “safe” and how hastily one should retreat. The real goal is to make sure you don’t turn a single patient scene into an MCI by allowing yourself to become a patient.

    • Every situation is unique. I’m not saying medics should run in front of machine gun fire that mows anyone who crosses its path. But at the same time, if the shooter is contained, then run in. Could there be other shooters, maybe. But the immediate danger is contained…Act.

      And then, there are sometimes you say damn it all, and go in. Columbine was one of those. There was an active shooter situation. Police and medics should of stormed in. Police to stop it, saving lives. And medics, cause there were our kids bleeding to death. And darn, one brave paramedic would of saved dozens of lives. Because I’m sure an officer would of followed in after the medic. They hate being shown up that way. 😉

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