Zimmerman in the news again….(tiring)

Okay, so this time Mr. Zimmerman decided to point a shotgun at his girlfriend. And I suspect he’ll be convicted this time of felony aggravated assault. Which is good.  I believe he is showing himself not safe to possess at this time.


Wife now questions based on incident too.


So what does this mean.  No one likes having a nut job be a poster child for them.  Is it just the result of a horrendous trial?  was he always this off the handle? or is there something we may all be missing?

I’m not sure, but it dawned on me that this dude was having his head seriously smashed into against the cement.   It’s got me wondering if he might of actually suffered brain damage.  It’s well documented that certain types of severe trauma to the brain can cause an increase in irrational activity.  And yes, it’s possible he was always like this.  If Mr. Zimmerman was smart, he’d check himself into a hospital and seek a neuroligist that specializes in head trauma and see if there may be more damage than realized.

And folks, this is why, even if you’re in the right. It’s always better if you can get away and not have to take someone’s life. Cause your life will likely never be the same again.

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