Our community is changing…

Times are changing.  The gun owning community is no longer about old fat balding white men.  Much of the growth and activism is being led women. Us men a vocal and lazy.  The women who own guns, they’re an independent, determine crowd, vocal crowd. Simultaneously, many minorities seem to be re-embracing their rights to defend themselves. After 50 years of accepting disarmament in cities, and seeing very little change in crime or gang gun shootings.  Minorities have been re-approaching their own histories of self defense. The fact that firearms, were prevalent during the civil rights movements.  And not just by those people might first associate with guns, such as the Black Panther movement. But even men of peace like Martin Luther King Jr. understood the need for strength.  (Yes, MLK owned firearms, and even applied for a carry permit.)  Why? Possessing strength does not require the use of said strength.  And never the initiation of force.  Which is what I believe MLK was pressing for in his call for a peaceful movement. He believed that progress could be achieved without the use of arms. I think he was right. But I don’t think he ever expected any father to sit back and not defend his family from harm. Just never be the initiator of harm.  Following such reasoning leads one to realize that no good man will ever bring harm to another good man.


Article on changing attitudes

Article on MLK owning guns

Summary and link to 114 page PDF

Book on the history of the importance of arms for those who are not able to rely upon the state for protection.

Firearms and Feminism


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