Movie theater texter shot… by Only One

Okay many have joked about the frustration of someone texting while a movie is showing.  Especially the rude loud ones.  But heck this was just the previews. That isn’t even worthy for jokes.

Now a father is dead. We constantly hear that if we only had this or that restriction, if only cops and military.

I was worried when this was reported to have transpired in the Florida panhandle that it’d be a CCW holder. Well the media has just reported that the shooter was in fact a member of that elite privileged American royalty – a retired “only one” who has the privilege to carry where and when you do not.

I am a big advocate for fixing gun laws by mandating they apply equally to law enforcement officers – retired AND active. If civilians can’t have more than 7 rounds in a magazine.  Neither should the cops.

Sadly, this tragedy has left a 3 year old girl without a daddy. =(

REMEMBER YOU CARRY A GUN TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE – NOT to deal with minor social inconveniences.

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  1. Having a CCW only means you passed a background check, took a class, and have nothing that could keep the State from denying your permit.

    This odd incident has brought the enemy out of the woodwork, first we have “conservative” Michael Savage declaring that movie theaters should be “gun-free zones” and should have metal detectors.

    Then we have a kook I wrote about, demanding that the NRA condemn the shooter as if he was one of us.

    Here’s what I think.

    1. An armed society is a polite society, maybe Mr. Texter should have remembered he’s living in the gunshine state, and some people are gonna get pissed off and shoot, which is why you don’t throw popcorn at them, and you mind your freaking manners.

    2. Maybe psycho cop would not have shot anybody if more people at the theater had guns.

    3. Chances are the theater had one of those “No Guns Permitted” signs, my theater in Tennessee thus and there’s always a cop with a visible gun in the join, perhaps because he knows signs don’t stop crime. In the case of psycho cop, the sign only stopped law-abiding people from bringing their guns, it did not stop him.

    4. Treat everyone like they have a gun. I don’t care if it’s a gang banger, a nun, a teenager, or the Pope. When you’re out in public, watch out what you say, don’t pick up fights, mind your business, and seek to deflate a confrontation instead of escalating it.

    Why? Because this isn’t a question of innocence or guilt, the cop is guilty and hopefully he’ll get the death penalty, but that means nothing to the victim and his family.

    A fight avoided is a fight won. And frankly, I don’t need to remind concealed carriers that pulling out your gun is for matters of life and death. If someone yells “I’m going to kill you” then you can pull out your gun. If someone starts beating you Trayvon-style, pull out your gun. If you’re gay and 20 gay bashers are chasing after you, pull out your gun. But if someone is texting at the movies, call the manager and ask him to throw him out.

    By the way, pulling out your gun doesn’t mean shooting your gun either. More than 100,000 of self-defense involve brandishing the gun, that’s usually enough to stop most threats.

    So to the crazy cop, you’re on your own. I doubt he was a member of the NRA and I wouldn’t be surprised if he supports gun control, some cops do.

    Anyway, nice blog.

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