I’m not a Belieber…but really?

“felony vandalism probe on allegations of egging his California neighbor’s home.”


Okay, I can’t stand Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus, I think the best thing we can do is force them to marry and send them off into space. (Granted, the recent mug shot of Bieber next to Miley has many suspicious they are one and the same.)

But when did there mere egging prank of a young twit constitute a felony?  A misdimeanor, sure, no problem there.  But this is ridiculous.

As I’ve oft pointed out, every crime in America is becoming a felony. Share a digital song with a friend and you’re a felon.  Meanwhile, we diminish actual felonious crimes such as armed robbery, rape, etc. 

And yes, talking about Bieber is a low point for this blog. Have I jumped the shark? Perhaps….but we need to be concerned when egging or toilet papering someone’s house is placed on par with robbing and raping another person.

If we have no heirarchy of crimes, than miniscule crimes will result in draconian judgments, and heinous crimes will receive pats on the wrists.

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  1. Think of how the homeowner feels, perhaps what we need in the Singapoorean approach, take a cane and hit his back 10 times. Corporal punishment is good, cheaper than prison and more painful than making that rich a-hole pay a fine.

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