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This blog is written by a New User of GUNs. I’ve been a law-abiding firearm own for about a year and a half now. I’ve learned quite a bit in that time. I am also aware of how much more I have to learn. So I had the thought to record my journey and share it with others.

To learn more, please read my first introductory post here:

Published on September 8, 2008 at 3:20 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. I got my first pistol in January 2010, and now have three (.45, .40 & 9mm). I appreciate your perspectives on guns, as it appears to be appropriate for a relatively new gun owner such a myself. I’m taking my wife shooting for the first time for Valentine’s Day. How’s that for romance?

  2. Greetings Mark,

    I would encourage you, if able, to borrow a 22 pistol if you can for your wife’s first shoot. It’s always nicer to be introduced to hanguns via the .22 than a larger caliber.

    If unable, definitely start her off on the 9mm before going to the 40 or 45

    • Thanks for the advice, as I have been looking at getting either a Ruger 22/45 or Browning Buckmark. A Google search took me to your article. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t have a .22 yet, but my wife did well starting with the 9mm. She also shot my .45 and did not have issue with the kick of either gun. Not bad for someone who is 5’4” and 115lbs. By the end of the day, she had improved her aim with little side to side variance, though there was some up and down variance in her shots. Any advice on corrective measures to improve up and down variance?


      • Glad to hear…and it sounds like she had a lot of fun.

        As for the shots going up or down. This is probably a trigger pull issue. She may be flinching, or anticipating the firing of th gun. I myself have this problem when I haven’t shot for a while.

        A suggestion is to buy “snap caps”. The plastic dummy rounds. Randomly intersperse these within the magazine. Watch as she pulls the trigger.

        Another tool that can aid in this is a rail mounted laser. This would allow you to see where the barrel is pointing as she pulls the trigger.

  3. Thanks again for advice on use of snap caps. She did anticipate shots, typically on subsequent shots, as her first shot(s)in a fresh magazine were her best shots. I think we need more practice…
    I have a separate question for you, and it deals with religion and gun ownership. I grew up in a very religious family, my father is a Lutheran pastor. As an adult, I fell away from the church, though I live my life as though God is watching me and I believe we will be judge by how we treat other people. As a parent, I want my kids to have a religious education, and our three kids attend a Catholic school (so did my wife). I would like to get more involved with a church near by that I have attended a few time, but I am concerned with a perceptions of ‘gun owners’ and Christianity. I guess I could keep these aspects of my life separate, though I tend to voice my opinions rather than hide them. Any suggestions on how to let other Christians know your positions on gun ownership without causing ‘separation’ to occur. Or recognizing when to, and not to, (also who) speak openly about gun ownership in a religious setting. AT this point, it is a concealed topic for me when I’m around other parisheners. I really don’t do well at keeping such a secret, and feel I need to be cautious about mixing guns and religion. I’d appreciate any insights you can share with another new gun owner.

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