Women and Gun Growth

Connecticut is seeing a surge in gun ownership among women. As a former Connecticut resident who is fond of reminding the gun community how much of our gun heritage originates in that small little state – this is GOOD NEWS!!!

Per the article, in the first half of 2012 over 3,500 women were issued carry permits. To put that in perspective, currently 30,000 women have carry permits.  So in a mere 1/2 a year Connecticut has added 10% again onto the number of women with carry permits.

Now realize, if you could earn a 10% return in 6 months you would be considered an uber-growth stock.  Let’s not forget we are talking about a New England state, one considered to be a liberal bastion. What this means is that the perception of gun ownership is ceasing to merely be a conservative, redneck ideal and is increasingly being viewed with broad political appeal

The effect on the future of politics may be profound. Currently, the vast majority of 2nd Amendment support derives from the conservative base. It’s often why we get slammed when Republicans are in office. If the Republicans don’t back our cause the Democrats are surely not going to leap to our defense.  But if firearms ceases to be a left/right issue, and the Democrats start to see more and more of their constitutuents supporting 2nd Amendment rights. The right to keep and bear arms will become a swing voter issue.  If you understand the game of politics, the swing vote is the mighty vote.  The staunch conservative and liberals seldom affect the outcome of elections. It’s that middle undecided vote, the vote that brings the 2%-4% percentage point difference in close elections, and decides who wins and who loses.

If this trend grows, more and more Democrats may find themselves less gung ho on gun control  Sure, you’ll have the die-hard liberals. But those Democrats who actually don’t give a darn about the issue one way or the other could begin to become supporters, if they view it as a way to garner an edge in an election.

The article includes a number of profound fact, just to summarize:

  • 43% of women polled reported having a firearm in their house
  • 23% of women polled said they own a gun
  • 3,500 new carry permits for women in the first half of 2012
  • Women focused training event – SOLD OUT
  • 73% increase in firearm sales to women
  • 50% increase in female participation in shooting sports

Wow, what can I say? This was one of the most informed, well researched and accurate articles I’ve seen on firearms in a very long time. Excellent job by the Hartford Courant!


Holy Olympic Hoplophobia Batman

Two Olympic atheletes are pictured in a Facebook photo in a gun store, wielding “G-U-N-S”…


Oh, these are Australians….a nation that once probably held 2nd or 3rd place in the gun-owning world along with America and Switzerland.

But what do we expect, we’re even talking about removing guns from the Olympics and using lasers.

What does that mean? Not only do you remove the kick from the rifle. There is no windage with a laser. (Seriously, air rifles were just too frightening….Olympians might shoot their eyes out.)


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Anyone up for a Pin match?

Bunch of bowling pins in Reading, PA if anyone is interested…


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Do you shoot or blog? Asks Sebastian

Sebastian talks about shooting and blogging.  And do we blog because we can’t shoot…

Gotta admit there is a part of truth to that. It’s been far too long, and far too long in between, since I’ve gone down to the range.

Part of it is that life is busy. Part of it is also being a father of three. For me to go to the range, it must be a day when I have it off, and when my wife has it off.  That works out to 1 weekend ever other week (4-5 days a month). 

But in that same time I have to get the rest of life done, catch up on chores and cleaning of the house, home repairs, mow the grass and tend to the weeds.  As for shooting during the week, I commute a  100+ miles to Baltimore. That pretty much kills the middle of the week for me.

Yes, I miss shooting…

I’d like to do some more dry-firing and am hoping to purchase the LaserLyte Personal Trainer

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#nraam Thank You

Dear St. Louis,

Thank you for hosting us and providing us a place to enjoy ourselves.

To all my readers, you’re why I blog, thank you for all the likes, shares and followings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

This concludes our coverage of the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting.

The N.U.G.U.N. Blog

#nraam @PyramydAir Range

Pyramyd Air Range allows visitors to try out over a dozen different air rifles ranging from $70 up to $2,000 competition rifles.

Loading a competition air rifle. Mechanism is extremely smooth.



Great gifts for Boy Scouts of America.


Great for even young (supervised) shooters!



Why you need to wear eye protection even with air rifles.


Pictured here is a ricochet pellet that hit me. You can see the velocities of modern air rifles flattened the .17 caliber pellet. Consider what one could do to your eye!

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What to expect at NRA Annual Meetings?

Opportunities to meet amazing people like two time Olympic gold medalist, four time medalist Kim Rhodes. 

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Ms. Rhodes regarding shotgun shooting sports. Meeting amazing competitors is just one of many activities that make the NRA Annual Meetings so enjoyable.

More info on shotgun sports:



Sporting Clays


See everyone in St. Louis tomorrow. The NUGUN Blog will begin it’s “live” coverage of the event. Follow us on Twitter

Kazakh Shooting Team Wins Gold….(Oops, what’s that song?)

The shooting competition took place in Kuwait, the Kazakh team won the gold. (Congratulations Kazakhistan!). But then when the winner took the stand and the nation anthem played something was direly wrong!

Instead of playing the Kazakh national anthem, the song being played was in fact the pseudo-national anthem from the fake documentary “Borat!” “The spoof song praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region.”  


It’s funny, but at the same time imagine you were the one to have won the gold. You step up, with nationalistic pride and then hear a debauchery of your nation instead of your anthem. It’d definitely strip the icing off the cake a bit. I wager it was either a deliberate gag/insult or a more likely just a misguided slip-up. It happens….


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Top Shot: Why do you have to make it hard for me? [ADVISORY WARNING]

So Top Shot season 4 is here. But seriously, why do you guys over at the History Channel have to make it so hard for me?

I do not have cable TV, I probably never will, as I see no point in spending $100 for 250 channels of which I want to watch 3, and of that, maybe a show on each. And as usual, the few shows I like to watch get cancelled.

This relegates me to watch online.  My preferred medium is Netflix streaming to my Xbox.  Top Shot however is not on Netflix. The History Channel website usually has the most recent episode, but I do not get to keep up every week. I usually watch 2-3 in a batch.  However, watching TV is a luxury for me. So usually I’m watching TV and working on my computer.  Which is why I like Netflix, streams right to my TV through my Xbox.

Here I am wanting to watch Top Shot, so I finally cave and decide to subscribe to Hulu.  Signed up. Searched for Top Shot…nothing.  Go to the site….

Top Shot is not licensed for mobile devices. Seriously? Seriously?

I am so !@#$% tired of licensing bullcrap, that I am about ready to just start downloading bit torrents. What is the difference between watching Hulu on my PC and watching it on my iPhone or watching it on my Xbox.

Why the !@#$% are you guys over at the History Channel making it so !@#% hard to watch your TV shows.  I’m even trying to pay money….

This is the ridiculousness of the greedy bastards of corporate television and the royally dumb !@#$% CEOs and executives who are too old and should be fired.  Frankly, if your CEO doesn’t understand the way the internet works you need to fire and retire.

To the History Channel, can you please tell me WHAT THE !@#$% YOU ARE THINKING and how in any way it’s advantageous to you to NOT allow me to watch your show.

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“Normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have a lot of fun doing it.

Just finished watching the season finale of Top Shot: Season 3.  And let me say that the final competitors this season were excellent, professional and a tribute to the sport.

I was overjoyed to see the winner bring it home. I had been rooting for them since the start of the season, but this was the first time that the person I had initially been rooting for won the season.  Let me commend the season 3 winner for having been upstanding, and a superb example of the caliber of both the shooter and the character of a shooter.

The fact that the winner does such noble activities off the range. Makes me over-joyed to see him win the $100,000.

And I love this quote “Normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have a lot of fun doing it.” from the winner.  It is so true. And he just proved it.

Other thoughts:

– Love that they used a canon. It was the one challenge I’ve suggested for a while. – Sad not everyone represented themselves well.
– Glad that Dustin did so well throughout the season, showing that youth is never a reason to underestimate a opponent.
– I’d still like to see a female competitor go a bit farther.
– I’d like to see the next season start with a team on team paintball challenge using a tactical course.
– Glad that the episodes finally showed up on Hulu. I do hope next season will be a bit quicker.
– Would like to see more advertisers support the show. I’d like to see a few runner up prizes ($10,000 2nd place, $5,000 3rd place).  Would love to see a loser prize too. Even if it’s just $250 gift card to Brownells.

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