Bulletproof Back-to-school products

CNN has an article on various products to protect our school children

I actually support such developments, and believe that the mere positioning of book shelves, bullet resistent whiteboards, and steel rebar door locks (hole in floor, drop bar in, door cannot be opened). Could do a lot to make our classrooms safer by providing areas which can shield students.

If one can keep a shooter out of the classroom, and provide a barrier for the students to hide behind. They should be safe until authorities can arrive and subdue the shooter.

Sadly, I think very little thinking of this sort has been implemented at any school boards across America.

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Canines: Licenses to Kill ???

Reason has an article on the growing trend of police brutality against dogs.  The growing number of cases in which officers casually, shoot a dog.  The explanation, it’s “policy”, and points to it as part of the problem.

Many of these cases, the officer is never in danger. These are [mostly] not cases of dogs attacking. Many times its nothing more than a dog approaching, or in one case, the owner had already locked her lapdog in the bathroom. 


This is a warning sign of a growing police state. We should be afraid when our police are so callous as to make killing a family’s pet “policy”, rather than prudence only when in actual danger. And if they can preventatively kill our pets. Does anyone really think it’s that far beyond, that the same callous behavior, will be applied to us and our children?  [FACT REMINDER: Ruby Ridge was a mostly avoidable tragedy, that became a massacre when an officer chose to shoot a child’s dog in that child’s presence. One has to remember, that to a young child, that dog IS family. And in the case of Ruby Ridge, the child retaliated with lethal force against an officer, who had just killed his buddy.]

If you know that officers are coming, be prudent and secure your canine friend. And realize even that may not be enough to prevent our uniformed finest from having a little live action target shoot.

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National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day (was June 15th)

Well, look at that, I didn’t even know there was such a day. Sadly, I missed it. Not sadly, I took my daughter out shooting her pink air rifle the next day, Sunday, Father’s Day.

We had fun. She did quite well.  Though the scope was mis-aligned. (I need to fix that.)


Says Uncle linked to Julie Golob taking her daughter out…


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Big Changes at CNN.com

First off, today I noticed CNN.com implemented some newfangled commenting system. I really dislike the layout.

But then I stumble across a mostly pro-gun article on raising children in the home with guns. I am shocked, instead of finding one mediocre quasi-pro-gun statement followed by an entire article lambasting gun owners as crazy.  I found a surprisingly delightful article featuring testimonials and insights from parents with small children.



Apparently, some love for the NRA Annual Meeting over at Yahoo too.


Must be “Revenge of the Sixth” day (you know, follows May the Fourth be with you, and Cinco de May).

5 month old seized by gestapo child protective services…

I first came across this incident a few days ago. And yes, my blood boiled.  The situation is as follows:

Parents basically take child into hospital. Some questionable care proceeds to happen, followed by the hospital wanting to conduct immediate emergency surgery.  Statements do not jibe with prior doctor’s diagnosis and instructions. They decided to pursue a second opinion. Depart to another hospital and receive care and are discharged. 

First hospital informs Californian Child Protective Services (CPS). Police are sent out.  Parents show and affirm that child did receive care and proper discharge from second hospital. Police politely thank them for their time and depart.

Following day police arrive at their house and kidnap their child. Parents still do not have custody.  There was no immiment threat. The parents showed proof of secondary care and follow-up.  This was out and out GESTAPO….

And to me is a thin red line….

http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/nikolayev-family-reunited-baby-sammy-calls-change-160500121.html (article)

http://news.yahoo.com/video/baby-taken-parents-seeking-second-121338494.html (video)

The fact that the judge who heard the case is still mandating CPS visits and dictating they can never remove the child from medical care again is disgusting. This family did nothing wrong. CPS should have heads rolling, but CPS services have a blanket protection… “if it saves just one child”.  Even with proof they did not endanger the child, the mother was only being granted a single hour a day to visit her 5 month old (nursing age) child.

Folks, this event more than any other in recent days is proof to me that we must never ever allow the government to ban ARs. This is a thin red line, one I pray to God I never ever have to face.

THIS IS NOT MY FUCKING AMERICA…and I am sorry to use profanity on my blog. But this case is far beyond acceptable. My America doesn’t shamelessly go around kidnapping nursing babies from their mothers without any real cause. Just because they have the power to do so. (Or sadly, I guess my America DOES do that.) 


Dear law enforcement, if you are ever brought out on a case like this. Where the so called claimed “danger to a child”,  and it is apparent that no such threat exists.  Please, use common sense. Look at the CPS agent, and refuse to follow their dictates.



PS – Reading the comments on Yahoo is quite interesting. There was an entire thread of comments lambasting the quality of care of Sutter Memorial hospital. Just to provide further insight into the parent’s case.

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Our Prays go out to Boston

There is a lot we don’t know.  What we do know is around 50 injured and a handful have been killed. Two bombs were detonated and a third was found and disposed.


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Tragedy, clearly we have to ban law enforcement from possessing guns…

First off, this is tragic, a 4 year old acquires a loaded firearm and kills a woman. This 4 year old is now scarred for life because of a stupid adult.   Meanwhile a family mourns…

But please note, this was a law enforcement officer. One who likely became to comfortable with his guns, and carelessly forgot that even if you follow the 3/4 rules. You need to follow another rule. Don’t let anyone possess your firearm who is not trained in the rules.

You NEVER NEVER leave a loaded gun lying around.  If you have to show and display your firearms.  Then you ensure each and every one is unloaded.  And ammo is removed from the area. The ONLY time a firearm should be loaded is when it is READY TO USE


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White Rose Friends of NRA gives regional rep a Mohawk

White Rose Friends of NRA had a deal with their regional coordinator that if they could sell 250 tickets, they would get to shave his hair into a mohawk at their event.  Today, we sold nearly 400 tickets.  The following pictures and videos are the result.

Youth group receiving grants

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013


Charlie Daniels autographed fiddle

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013


Pics of Mr. Kory receiving his mohawk

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

View of Mr. Kory receiving his mohawk


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March 8th – White Rose (York,PA) Friends of NRA Dinner Banquet

Friday, March 8th
York, PA

The White Rose Friends of NRA Dinner Banquet

Tickets can be ordered online here:

Or contact me if you would like to purchase directly.


A few really cool items at the events this year. A fiddle autographed by Charlie Daniels.  An NRA waffle iron.  And  yes, I hear we have some hard to find new bedangled shotgun or something.  Along with many other firearms and collectibles.

Tickets are $35 a person.

If you own a business, and would like information on sponsorship, underwriting, and letting people see your business supports the RTKBA. Please contact me.

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Because empty guns do not always keep them down…

Mother protects her family, shoots home invader 5 times with revolver (misses once). Keeps man subdued with empty gun as they empty and flee.  Home invader than escapes and drives off in vehicles.

Now consider these facts:

  • 5 shots was not sufficient to stop the invader
  • Ran out of ammunition. Had there been a second home invader,
    she  would have been unarmed… clearly there is a need for more
    than 10 round magazines.
  • She hit 5 out of 6 rounds on target, that’s an 83% hit rate
    (Compare this to police who had a mere 65% hit rate – remember that when people argue guns should only be in the hands of trained people like police officers)
  • She would likely be dead if not for her gun.  So would her child.


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