Skeletonized AR15

X-Products Skeletonized AR Lower

X Products “Ultimate Skeletonized AR15” – RECOIL


Folks can debate the merits of such a design.  Regardless, it’s a pretty nifty look.

My initial thoughts on the merits and demerits are thus:
+ reduced weight
+ reduced materials
+ advanced engineering structures can in fact be stronger than solid members (we see this in architecture all the time, where a beam is designed to direct the flow of forces providing far far more strength for the weight)
– open areas provide places for objects and dirt to get into and cause jams
– impact durability is reduced
Okay, now with all that said, is it just me…or do you want to paint this red and blue and add a launch tube to shoot sticky nets, and call it the “SpidAR Gun”

Something akin to this cycle but done to a skeletonized AR15.

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The overlord is the NSA,
I shall be watched,
Thou maketh lies to Congress,Misleadeth me on quiet matters
Thou hoardeth data thy stole
NSA hideth me from my rights past
for fear’s sake.
Even though I browse through the darkest of nets,I will fear thy evil,
For thou are watching me,
Abroad or home thy staff,
they watcheth me. 

Thou prepares an exploit for me,
presenting me as enemies,
Thou decrypt my phone with toil,
Thy datacenter overflows,Surely thy malice and eyes
will follow me all of the day,
all of my life,
and I will be monitored in my house by the NSA

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Welcome in 2014

Everyone have fun and be safe. 

(We held the fort in 2013. But we must be all the more vigilant in 2014.)

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Fun with X-rays

The following article/gallery features a bunch of items that were X-rayed by a large scanner.  Car, robot, plane (done in sections), but half of them are firearms.  So I thought my readers might enjoy.

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Humor for CCW’ers

The following link has some humor for those who carry concealed. Some of it is nearly universal, some not as much.  But enjoy…

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Off-Topic Fun: Mercedes for Rednecks and Zombie Apocalypse

Look, this isn’t about guns. But we all know “guns” => “Zombie Apocalypse” => “Zombie Apocalypse Super Vehicle”….so there is your connection.

700 HP, 6 wheel pick-up truck. Built by Mercedes (perfect for those Rednecks who’ve hit it rich).

700HP Mercedes Pickup

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Meet the Real (perhaps) Lone Ranger

Bass Reeves – U.S. Marshall, wore a black mask ALL the time. Rode a grey horse. Gave folks silver dollars to remember him by. Utilized Native American trackers. And sent his prisoners to Detroit, where the Lone Ranger was first conceived. It may be pushing things a bit, but there’s just enough that I can buy it that this guy might have been the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

 3,000 criminals arrested. He even arrested his own son for murder. Interesting to note he also did undercover work, disguises. Quite fascinating bit of history.

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Gun Raffles – Chance at 3 guns or 60 chances at $$$

We’ve got two raffles for our local Friends of NRA group. Both are $20 a ticket.

RAFFLE 1: The first, is for a chance to win one of three guns:

  1. DPMS AP4 Carbine
  2. S&W Bodyguard Pistol
  3. KGP-141 Ruger GP100 357

All of these are fairly nice options, decent brands.  Only 200 tickets will be sold. So basically you have a 1 in 66 chance of winning.

RAFFLE 2:  Mega Cash Raffle – this raffle is interesting, essentially, for the entire month of September they will do two drawings a day. Starting with a $250 cash prize on September 1, and ending with a $2,500 cash prize on September 30th.  But cash prizes go as high as $20,000. All in all, a $100,000 in cash prizes will be given away.

So if anyone is interested in either ticket. Feel free to email me at

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Drone Hunting

A Colorado town may issue a license to hunt and kill drones. “We don’t want them around here.”

But in thinking about it, dang that could be fun. Little hopper drones. Flying low above the grass. Hiding, dodging, I mean seriously. This could be a sweet gig. (And if you don’t want to charge super high drone safari fees. You could use laser rifles.)

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Sometimes wrinkly old skin and stubborness…

Is all you need. (But most of the time, it’s not enough.)

But it’s hard not to laugh.
“Give me the money.”
“No…but you can the Tootsie Rolls”

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