Ruger SR-762

Ruger has just announced a variant of their SR-556 design, now built around and chambered for the NATO 7.62/.308 cartridge.

Ruger SR-762

I’m kind of excited, and here is why…

When the SR-556 came out. I really liked it. I liked the lines and configuration and the piston action (always debatable).  There was one draw back, it’s not a standard AR. And one of the biggest selling points of the AR is that it is universal, replacement parts are available from hundreds of manufacturers.  Perhaps why it is the proverbial SHTF rifle, along with the Glock being the proverbial SHTF pistol. They are just so ubiquitous. So while I really liked it. I decided it probably makes more sense for me to first purchase a base AR15.

That said, I long thought that the SR-556 had an interesting potential not realized. The originall SR-556 could be set to a single-shot, non-reloading state. In order to hunt deer in PA, the rifle must be both of a significant cartridge and a single-shot action. I had long thought that were they to offer a replacement “hunting” piston that only allowed the action to be a single non-reloading shot, and were to offer it in a larger cartridge such as the .308 then Ruger’s AR system would make for a superb AR based hunting rifle platform.

Ruger has resolved one aspect of that idea, and the second one I wager would be fairly easy to do.

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Drone Hunting

A Colorado town may issue a license to hunt and kill drones. “We don’t want them around here.”

But in thinking about it, dang that could be fun. Little hopper drones. Flying low above the grass. Hiding, dodging, I mean seriously. This could be a sweet gig. (And if you don’t want to charge super high drone safari fees. You could use laser rifles.)

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Pennsylvania Deer Alert for York/Adams County Area

A deer at a Pennsylvania deer farm was found to be infected with Chronic Wasting Disease. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has provided more information here. As such, Pennsylvania Game Commission has established a zone in which any deer taken within must:

  1. Be reported and tested.
  2. Be butchered within the zone
    (No removal of the deer from the zone for butchering)
  3. This applies to roadkill as well.

MAP of Chronic Wasting Disease Zone

Larger map may be viewed here:

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On the Ethics of Hunting

CNN has an interesting article and poll on the ethics of hunting. And why hunting is in fact a more ethical way to acquire meat than that which one purchases in the store.

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#nraam Thank You

Dear St. Louis,

Thank you for hosting us and providing us a place to enjoy ourselves.

To all my readers, you’re why I blog, thank you for all the likes, shares and followings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

This concludes our coverage of the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting.

The N.U.G.U.N. Blog

Hunting Club & Animal Rights Group engaged in all out war…

Okay, not quite…but one groupd did shoot down the other group’s surveillance drone.

An animal rights group named SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), was attempting to foil a planned pigeon shoot at Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday near Ehrhardt, S.C. (And from the sounds of the article, it appears they may have managed to cancel or post pone the pigeon shoot.)

The group SHARK planned to use a remote control multi-copter unit with a video camera to cover the shoot. When apparently one of the hunters shot it down. (Guess if they can’t shoot pigeons they’ll shoot robo-pigeons instead.)

And seriously, why isn’t there a market for robo-pigeons yet? Just build an air cannon to shoot a bunch of battery powered nano-copters that randomly swoop and dive. *B-L-A-M-M-O*

The one downside of this incident is that it appears there may be question as to the safety of the shot that took down the copter. We always need to know what lies beyond. And the copter was apparently hovering near a major interstate; it’s fall could have caused an accident.

The animal rights group has stated this is NOT the end of it’s actions.

Incidents like this and the recent super-man flyers in NYC will probably lead the FAA to get involved more heavily in regards to smaller drones and RC craft.

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Snake Season

Florida is suffering a huge loss of wildlife, particularly mammals, from the invasive pythons that have made Florida swamps their home. Up to 99% of some species have been eliminated from the area.

Solution? Snake season. It’s something many individuals have pointed to as a solution for certain invasive species.

However, opening a hunting season might not be enough on it’s own. How many snake hunters are there? We do not have a huge tradition in this country of men taking their sons out to stalk that huge snake buck.

I’d propose some incentives:

  1. A bounty stamp
    $5 = < 5′ $10 = 5′- 10′ $20 = 11′ – 15′ $50 = 15′ – 20′ $250 = > 20′
  2.  Any bounty stamped snake skin can be used in garments and luxury items and sold tax free within the state. Suddenly, watches will use bounty skin just to be sold tax free.

Demand for the skin will increase. And eventually the problem will disappear due to economics.

Articles on the matter:

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Hunter Safety Class

Tonight, I will begin Pennsylvania’s Hunter Safety course.  Upon completion, I will finally be able to legally purchase a Pennsylvania Hunting License.

I am rather excited. I’ve had a growing interest in hunting. But have found the required hunter safety class to be a rather large impediment to entry.  It took me over a year and a half to find a class that wasn’t 2+ hours away (ie: 4-5 hours round trip).

While I have no problem with the course requirement, I do believe Pennsylvania Game Commission’s management of the program is rather lacking.  Their calendar often empty, and when I did see a course listing it was usually already full.  I’ve spoken with several state representatives about ways to improve this system. Either by expanding the mentoree permit (currently just for youth) to include adults as well.  Or more simply, to allow for interested parties to sign-up on the PGC site that they are interested in taking the hunter safety course, and then emailing alerts when the class is being offered in their area.

We need to ensure that we are not putting up undue barriers to entry for hunting and shooting sports with our state’s legal requirements.

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In the Holiday News

Pennsylvania Hunter Education – Sebastian has a recent post on the matter.

I find this interesting as I am one who is interested in hunting. I even know a couple of people who’d take me out hunting. And in fact, I just met with both my State Senator and State Representative, and this was one of the main issues I discussed with them.

I want to experience hunting but have not as of yet. You see, I have been unable to get a permit. Having been held back by a requirement to take a Hunter Education Class. I have no problem with the idea of taking such a class. In fact, I actually WANT to take a class. But there is a severe lack of availability of the required Hunter Ed classes. Every time I check for classes they are either over 2 hours away, or already full. The result is two years have passed by and I have not experienced the tradition of hunting. The common solution proposed by nearly every one is to just go “Buy a permit” as the odds of being asked about one’s course is slim.

So what are the possible solutions? I provided two solutions to this situation:

SOLUTION 1: Implement a “Mentoree” hunting permit. This would be similar to youth being allowed to hunt. With a Mentoree permit you could only hunt in the company of an individual who had a full hunting permit. I believe this would provide a reasonable remedy. I am not looking to hunt on my own, heck, I wouldn’t even know what to do with a deer after I shot it. I “WANT” to be mentored.

SOLUTION 2: Update the Pennsylvania Game Commision site to provide some added resources. Provide a request form, then PA could email those signed up with alerts to classes in their area. Or at the bare minimum, provide an RSS feed.

Fixing the State Police Problems – Sebastian covering Tom Corbett’s replacing the old State Police Commissioner (who was working with MAIG) with a new appointee from the Attorney General’s officer. One who is hopefully more supportive of our RTKBA.

Ruger to offer SR-556 uppers

Originally, I was quite fascinated with the SR-556. I would still love to get one as it is one of the more attractive ARs IMHO. However, I’ve toyed with the idea of the SR-556 in 6.8 SPC; and putting together a hunting rifle. In Pennsylvania there are minimum caliber requirements (at least for Elk, and I think I recall seeing it for deer as well). There is also a requirement that the center-fired rifle be manually operated. One of the modes of the SR-556 allows for that. But would not be legal as it is variable. However, my hope would be to acquire a 2nd piston from Ruger that only offers the manual operation.