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An Open Invitation to Pro-Gun Controlling Folks

The rights and liberties of many Americans are infringed. Our 2nd Amendment protects the rights of the citizens to both keep and bear arms. This is greatly infringed by numerous states.

Many other Constitutionally protected rights are infringed as well. But let’s keep the focus on the right of Americans to protect and defend themselves from criminals, foreign threats, and even their own government.

What areas do you, those advocating for more gun control, believe we can restore rights now loss in this area.

– Should silencers be heavily regulated? Their main reason for regulation was the fear of animal poaching. Outside of Hollywood they are seldom used in assasinations and assaults.

Now as our society becomes more and more urban, with less and less free open natural space. We’ve found shooting sports and hobbies clashing with local civilization. The number one aspect of this clash is the noise. Sound suppressors would greatly reduce this issue and facilitate a more pleasant relationship. In fact, they are even required by some European nations.

Would you be open to amending the law, removing these items from the NFA regulated list. And allowing shooters and urban development to get along better?

– Let’s go on a small tangent. We’ll leave guns behind while remaining on the 2nd Amendment issue. While I am familiar with the common claims of rifles with 30 round magazines. And I am sure you’d prefer us to have only bolt-action rifles, or better yet, only flint-lock rifles. So let’s say we agreed to relegate ourselves back to 200+ yr old technology. And Americans would only be allowed to own flint-locks, the technology of the day when the Constitution was written. Would most of you gun control advocates accept such a notion?

If so, might I ask, do you oppose an individual’s right to keep and bear arms when that arm is in fact a sword? An arm that was commonplace technology during the American Revolution. In fact, it’s been commonplace for thousands of years. Only in the recent age has it ceased to be commonplace.

So what have you? Are you okay with allowing U.S. citizens to walk around with swords. Mind you, no brandishing. Just the right to carry a sword (openly of course, as it’s pretty darn hard to conceal a sword)?

– Lastly, are there any other rights regarding the 2nd Amendment that you are willing to see be restored to the American people?

Please, chime in and let me know….I will endeavor to keep the dialog (at least my own) civil. And encourage all readers to do the same.

So where can we agree to having the People’s rights restored?

“it was the knife that did it”

“In his testimony, he stated that it was the knife that did it, and he stated this repeatedly,” Kendra Beebe told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. “In fact it wasn’t the knife that stabbed me 23 times. It was Shelley Malil.”


I mean, at least there is some validity when Toyota owners claim it was their car that did it. But a knife….no computers, no mechanical bits, just the typical Newtonian physics laws. (ie: an object at rest, remains at rest unless a force is applied to it).


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