Underwater Drones

I remember reading a few years ago about Liquid Robotics ocean traveling wave glider. It used the bouyancy of waves to propel a robot across 9,000 nautical miles in just over a year.  It is a pretty amazing feat. And such technology offers the potential to monitor ocean temperatures, currents, etc

Apparently, the Navy has taken interest and is launching its own “glider” drones. The technology can potentially provide numerous benefits to security and underwater communication. Drones could be equipped to monitor our coastal waters for submarines. They could also be used to relay messages to our submerged subs.

I feel this is a positive expenditure of defense funds. I am very skeptical about the need for a new aircraft carrier. I see little benefit. 5 would do, two in the Pacific, two in the Atlantic, one in the gulf. Maybe 7 if you wanted if you wanted to have two that could patrol the world and rattle our sabers.

But if you ask me what we need. I’d say it’s a small pocket carrier that can support a couple of helicopters and a dozen or so drones. And engage in coastal monitoring and anti-submarine operations. And not for the U.S. Navy but for the U.S. Coast Guard.

USCGC Seminole Drone Carrier

The U.S. Navy needs a submersible carrier that can carry two jumpjets or four helicopters. That would facilitate tactical strikes on sensitive targets. Move in close to shore. Launch SEALS/Marine strike units. Return, land, submerge.  I’ve long thought this a far more useful tool in our present day world than large easily sinkable carriers and surface ships. At times I thought I was asking to much of technology, but I truly felt such a ship design is in fact feasible. And apparently, it was, as Japanese built such designs toward the end of WWII to strike the U.S. mainland. If Japan could do it with WWII technology, I am sure we could implement it far more effectively today.


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Off-Topic: Bitcoin

China cracked down on Bitcoin today. The result, we will see if Bitcoin truly succeeds or not. Will Bitcoin continue to be utilized within China? If so, then expect $10,000 bitcoins. Because it will mean that government can’t stop it.

But if China succeeds, expect the U.S. to likely follow. And the controls be put in place to kill it.  $10 Bitcoin.

I for one am not invested in one way or the other, but I am very curious to see how this venture works out over the next few years.


Only one person I know has actively done any bitcoin mining, that’d be Sebastian at PAGunblog, and I’m still rather curious regarding his success.


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At “Disney World”….

Now you know why it’s been so quiet as of late.



Had a great time with family and all. And nice to know Disney still supports toy rifles and revolves in the Pirates of the Carribean area, Indian Jones show and elsewhere. 


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Off-Topic Fun: Mercedes for Rednecks and Zombie Apocalypse

Look, this isn’t about guns. But we all know “guns” => “Zombie Apocalypse” => “Zombie Apocalypse Super Vehicle”….so there is your connection.

700 HP, 6 wheel pick-up truck. Built by Mercedes (perfect for those Rednecks who’ve hit it rich).

700HP Mercedes Pickup

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Izumo – “If it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck…”

Apparently, Japan has unveiled their new “cruiser”.

The concern is that some think it looks more like an aircraft carrier than a cruiser.  And this raises concern (of asiatic escalation).

Well, if it looks and sounds like a duck, it probably is….

The concern is that with an 800ft deck, it could be used to launch jump-jets like Harriers and the new F-35 Marine version.

And this is a concern…well, because since WWII. Japan being a loser is supposed to be limited in the building up of armies and navies.  You know what? that was 60 years ago. And I’m rather tired of defending Japan and Germany.  So I say, let them rebuild. 


Of course a simple search for “Izumo Warship” will get you many pics of this…

And if you just type Izumu, this is what you’ll get …

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Gun Raffles – Chance at 3 guns or 60 chances at $$$

We’ve got two raffles for our local Friends of NRA group. Both are $20 a ticket.

RAFFLE 1: The first, is for a chance to win one of three guns:

  1. DPMS AP4 Carbine
  2. S&W Bodyguard Pistol
  3. KGP-141 Ruger GP100 357

All of these are fairly nice options, decent brands.  Only 200 tickets will be sold. So basically you have a 1 in 66 chance of winning.

RAFFLE 2:  Mega Cash Raffle – this raffle is interesting, essentially, for the entire month of September they will do two drawings a day. Starting with a $250 cash prize on September 1, and ending with a $2,500 cash prize on September 30th.  But cash prizes go as high as $20,000. All in all, a $100,000 in cash prizes will be given away.

So if anyone is interested in either ticket. Feel free to email me at info@nugun.org

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Off-TopicRant: Intellectual Property Rights Abuse

This week was a monumental decision by the Supreme Court. It declared natural DNA cannot be patented.  To me this was a “no brainer”.  And would be akin to someone trying to patent an element like Lithium, Argon, or Oxygen – “Hey, no breathing unless you’ve paid us for our oxygen patent.”

This was recently in the news because the company that held a patent on the human DNA responsible for breast cancer charges about $3,000 a test or more. Where as other companies have developed their own more economical tests that cost just a few hundred dollars. But Myriad claimed ownership of the DNA itself. Preventing people from receiving this diagnosis tests.

You want a large reason for our high medical costs, look to patents, and FDA approvals. And yes, I understand there is an investment in research. But the abuse is also rampant.  And people shouldn’t be dying so share holders can have nice yachts.

An example was the recent case where the FDA gave exclusive right to a phamaceutical corp to produce a progesterone drug that prevented premature labor.  The drug, had been in use since the 50’s.  It actually pre-dated the FDA. It was commonly $10-$30 a shot, and could require dozens of doses during a pregnancy. The drug was in fact an early cancer drug, but a number of doctors noted it seemed to prevent early labor. A later University study confirmed this effect, and it went into secondary use. The FDA decided on a whim to grant exclusive license to this old drug to a pharmaceutical company under the auspices that they would be able to produce it in higher quality. The result? The price went from as low as $10 a dose to an astounding $1,500/dose.  Remember, this big pharm company didn’t invent the drug, they did zero research in its creation nor the evaluation of its secondary use. There was absolutely no need to “recoup” the so-called billions of dollars

So again on Slashdot is a story on the song “Happy Birthday to You”. Numerous folk have been sued over this song. Millions have been made. And the copyright extended and extended.  A documentary has gone to prove that the copyright should be invalid. That the song is long past when it should be in public domain.  And with that proof, should Warner Music be forced to refund all those funds. (Because to be frank, I am sure they knew the song was older than their claim of having it published in a song book.)


But lets get to the real crux of the issue with IP rights. They exist for one reason, and one reason only. To benefit and encourage creativity and innovation. They do not exist to profit anyone, other than the idea being that if creators and innovators were to profit, they would create more.  

Except there is a problem today. Very very few inventors or artists gain profit from their works. Today, nearly all the ownership of such rights are held by large corporations.  The writer’s of “Happy Birthday” cause pittance, it’s the conglomerate gate keepers who have made millions. Artists are reknown for receiving very little of the profits their music earn the big labels.

Even the big pharmaceutical companies that often claim billions in research. Are more often than not, simply buying small development labs. Many little labs work on projects, most go fail and bust. The promising ones get purchased by big pharmaceuticals. Which declare their hard work. The result is usually, the owner and a few partners get a nice cut, and all the rest of the employees find themselves jobless.

Likewise, in the world of patents. The corporations rule. I remember reading about the invention of the CD-ROM.  One man was a lead in the early development and research of optical technology. Then was laid off.  He later was on the team that developed the first commercial optical disc.  Once developed, he was laid off.  He later found himself on the team that actually developed the CD-ROM, only to be laid off again. And that has sadly become norm for the inventors.

So what do I propose? I mean,…we can’t do away with IP rights, can we?  I honestly, believe that the world would be better off today without them.  Patents are preventing innovation. Looking at Google who had to spend $8 billion to buy Motorola in order to defend themselves against lawsuits from Apple. Who had patents on grid of icons and numerous design and usability elements which ALL existed decades prior.

So yes, I honestly believe that the world would be better off. There are things I’d work toward building, except I know I’d likely face a lawsuit. Even though I had the ideas far before others did. And let’s be honest. Big companies violate and steal IP all the time. Little companies seldom have the means to sue, and win, and even if they do. The compensation is seldom equivalent.  SONY, pirated software code in the war to prevent piracy of their CDs.  Microsoft stole the light mouse technology after a year of negotiations and technology sharing.  Sure, they lost in court and had to pay $1 million in compensation. But they’ve made far more $$$ on the use of that technology.  And if we were to be fair, if the average Joe received a $150,000 fine on a $1 song.  Then shouldn’t bulti-billion dollar companies when they steal IP from the little guy, have to at a minimum, pay a 150,000x damage?

That said, I do think inventors should be encouraged. But our current system is failing to protect and encourage inventors, and it is failing to encourage innovation.  So we need to replace it. Serious, if the Patent office burned to the ground, it would probably do more for the economy than any other stimulous package.

So how to benefit the inventor?  I propose that companies cannot own patents.  That patents have to be for truly new and novel developments. Not evolutionary, nor a mere use alteration of use, nor be inherrent to the technology (ie: drag to unlock is merely an inherrent use of existent drag and drop code – it is not an invention, it’s merely a replication of the “switch”, itself being several centuries old). 

Why not, have the patents belong solely to individual inventors. Patents should not prevent someone else from building a better and cheaper mousetrap. As for the economic benefit, I propose the patent holder (or the company that employs them), receives a tax break.

So let’s say a guy invents the hover pod. Rather than saying he is the only one who can make hover pods. Anyone can….but whatever hover pod company employs the inventor, receives a 10% tax break for hover pods.

What would this do?  Basically, it would start to guarantee that inventors would have continual employment. In fact, most companies would likely just pay an annual amount in order to receive that 10% and just tell the inventor to stay home. Invent more. And the inventor might do just that, and who knows. Maybe he’ll be hired by another company for a different invention.  Eventually, Edisons and Bells and DaVinci’s would find themselves with steady streams of income that allow them the freedom and means to produce.  And these patents would be for the life of the patent holder (+ 21 for their children – so if the patent holder dies, their children receive the benefit until age 21.)

Now we have a system that encourages innovation, but does NOT prevent someone from building a better mousetrap, a cheaper mousetrap, or from receiving life saving medical treatment.

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My apologies

I know posting has been scarce recently. So I apologize. I’ve been fairly busy, and much of the news had been covered elsewhere. And I do try to avoid repeating others when I can.

Hope everyone is finally enjoying summer.



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OFF-TOPIC: Football Rant


How fame killed a football star and lost the NFL thousands of fans.

Look, I really don’t give a darn about football. Sometimes I enjoy. If I had to pick a team, it’d be the San Diego Chargers. But I couldn’t tell you much about them, not like my beloved Padres who I’ve remained a fan of 25 years after leaving San Diego.

So I’m givin you the outsider perspective. The NFL should of knocked some heads over the Jets handling of Tebow.  The truth is, one can debate whether Tebow is a good, great, mediocre or crappy player. We may never reall know.  But he was NOT a crappy player in college. And he did help the Broncos out.

Then comes the crux of the problem. The Tebowmania which has discouraged many teams from considering him. While simultaneously, you’ve to the Jets sabataging him by retaining Tebow until after the draft. When many teams have largely committed their capped budgets.

So who loses? Tebow? – yes. Tebow fans? – yes.  But I’ll argue the biggest loser is the NFL.  When Tebowmania was going on. I suddenly found myself reading about football. Learning about football. Crap, I even watched the Superbowl that year.  Oh, might I add that many of my co-workers talked about football and Tebow. Let me add that these co-workers are H1B visa holders (immigrants working in America on short term visas).  And yet they were being drawn in by it all.

Don’t you get it. Sure, Tebowmania was annoying for many. BUT…it was introducing new fans to the NFL. Folk who never gave football much time of day. And that, is something the NFL truly should be wanting – the growth of it’s fanbase.

I truly believe that the NFLs handling of this whole situation has cost them far more than it will ever cost Tebow.


But hey, what does this make me think of the NFL? You can praise and defend murderers, thugs, dog torturers, druggies, rapists…..but goodness gracious, one new dog gets too much attention and acts in a positive manner. And you guys can’t handle it.  I’ll be straight up… the NFL is a bunch of “pussies”. Grow a bag and deal with his media attention.  If Tebow sucks as much as the Jets want to claim as their reason for not using him. It will only take a season or two. And it will be Tebow’s fault. 

In the end, I guess I should be glad for the NFL’s stupidity. After all, my wife would have likely grown quite perturbed with me had I actually started to get into watching football.

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CNN reporting ricin filled envelope sent to a Senator

To be honest, I am not sure this is connected with the Boston bombings in anyway. But it is reminiscent of the anthrax scare that followed 9-11.

(Wonder what Senator this was? I know gun owners are pissed off at Pat Toomey,  but I don’t think any would stoop to putting rice-in Toomey’s mail. All joking aside, the last time this happened. A researcher who traced the anthrax, suddenly became the number one suspect. And had his life destroyed, and eventually committed suicide. The Feds have an uncanny nack for turning on the first person to aid them in anyway, and assume they must be the suspect, when their own lack of competency is unable to find one.  See Richard Jewell, security guard who saved lives during Centenial Olympic Park Bombing, and became suspect numero uno. )

UPDATE: Apparently the letter was sent to Sen. Roger Wicker (R), from Mississippi. 


Okay, so since this is targeting a Republican Senator. Can we starting hyping up the likelihood that the Boston Bombing was done a extreme lefist zealot?  I mean, isn’t that what would be happening if the letter went to someone with a (D) after their name?

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