Mayor Bloombergs dirty laundry (The Subway)

How many times do we need to read about someone falling or being mugged and pushed into the Subway rail system in NY city before Mayor Bloomberg is going to do something?

I wager for the amount of money Mr. Bloomberg has spent on guns this year alone, he could have had a protective barrier system constructed.

New Yorkers should be pissed off as all get up, and demand that their Mayor stop running around the country mucking in the affairs of other cities and states and fix a glaring problem that thrusts NYC into national headlines a few times a year.

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Off-Topic: The Ski’s & Netflix

So Netflix has announce a new science fiction series “Sense8”. Why post, because Netflix is bringing together my favorite Ski’s….  The Wachowski’s (creators of my favorite movie The Matrix), and Joe Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5) – who I consider one of the great arc story tellers of our day.

So yes, this is totally off topic. But it’s totally got me excited.

(Granted, I am still really bummed that is not even at least one space faring TV show right currently.)

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Off-Topic Rant: Dear Supreme Court…. FU!!!!!

Seriously, this morning was a waffle on Supreme Court for me. First, the upheld the first sale doctrine (the fact that if you buy something, you have the right to re-sale).  Which was under threat by an interpretation that the Constitution only protected first sale of goods made in the USA. And international goods were not protected.  Which considering how few goods are 100% made in the USA could have been catastrophic (basically every electronic device would have been prohibited from re-sale).  So this was a no brainer IMHO. 

So why am I fuming !@#$% mad?

Because the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case of RIAA vs Jammie Thomas. Who was fined $222,000 for sharing 24 songs – and at one point the award was in the millions.  Now we can debate the morality of file sharing, downloading, etc. And if you want, let’s go at it in the comments.  Because frankly, RIAA and the copyright cartel have engaged in more theft, abuse and fraud than anyone else.

But the simple fact is that those songs are 99 cents each.  24 songs and a $222,000 fine is basically a fine that approaches 100,000x the value of the stolen goods. 

And in light of the Eighth Amendment – “Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”; seems to me to be a direct violation of the Constitution.

And to most of us folk, it essentially boils down to a deep pocket lobbying group who has spent millions bribing corrupt legislators (Senator Hatch may you choke on tortilla chip). In order to protect an extinct and abusive business model.

Yes, this case should have been heard.  And I’m not saying she isn’t guilty. I am saying that a 100,000x fine is disgustingly and unconstitutionally excessive – a $2,200 fine is what she should be fined.

Shame on the Supreme Court.  Shame! SHAME! SHAME!!!


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Bloomberg gets over-turned…may this always be true…

No, it’s not about guns. This 32 isn’t a caliber but an ounce.  But thankfully, the courts have deemed Mr. Bloomberg to be capricious (well at least his legislation). And I’d have to say, I agree.

Seriously, is it not one’s right to kill themselves with Oreos, Big Macs and large Cokes?–politics.html

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Understanding the Sequestor…

So I was trying to understand what the sequestor really means. So I tried to put it in terms of a household, after a liberal friend decried the evil of the Republicans in pushing for such extreme cuts. So here it is…(barring any mistakes in my quick Excel calculations).  


Understanding the Sequestor…

You earn $75,000/year. You’re charging another $25,000 to your credit card, which is already near it’s maximum limit. Current credit card debt is $420,000.  And you’re wife demands you cut $2,235 out of the budget.  And you call her stupid. (We’re not even counting the $1.5 million we owe on the mortgage – borrowed funds from social security, pensions, etc.)
Really, maybe the Republicans are bloody stupid. Because they’re fighting over a mere $2,000 out of a hundred thousand dollar budget.  Why bother?


Proposed Cuts ($2K): $85 billion
U.S. Revenue ($75K): $2.9 Trillion(1)
U.S. Proposed Budget ($100K): $3.8 trillion(1)
U.S. National Debt (credit card): $16.5 Trillion (2)
U.S. Total Debt Obligations (mortgage): $58 Trillion (2)

NOTE: All figures are rough approximates, but it gives you a ballpark understanding. Yes, what a stupid wife to demand you cut that $2,000.  What a pittance of cuts in reality.

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The Manifesto

Usually, I don’t bother with reading the manifestos of shooters. They’re usually incomprehensible rants and have no real points.  Mr. Dorner was a soldier and a police officer. And I’ve been a bit curious about his. I’ve finally found a link and read it. And while Mr. Dorner does fly off the handle a fair number of times. I am disturbed by his account of his LAPD experience. 

I am not sure if many have read Dorner’s manifesto.  It’s fairly sad. I believe his actions were wrong, especially in misappropriation of collateral targets.

I am concerned that evidence may come out that will show that a lot of Mr. Dorner’s comments on his specific case are true. He does outline a fair amount of crap regarding his termination, which if is shown to be partly true scares me. And I am worried that such would lead to a sequel of the 1990’s LA Riots.  But on a far greater scale. In which case, shame on the LAPD if you’re letting such a culture potentially be a kindling point. I disagree with a lot of Mr. Dorner’s views. But I am concerned about matches that can set off social powder kegs.

And Mrs. Feinstein, why does ANYONE need such “weapons”.  Perhaps because of stupid actions by government agencies like LAPD.  Just saying…

If videos are subpeonaed, if it does come out that said victim had stated he had been kicked. That said officer had a history of abuse.  And that he truly was terminated for being a whistle blower. What do folks think will be the response from folks.  If LA was torn apart by Rodney King…how much more so an LA torn apart after a black officer is shown to have been dismissed for being a whistle blower.

I don’t know why a man’s heart snaps as Dorner’s did. Why a man would give up the chance to be the “best man” at his best friend’s wedding. Or life in general…but I’ll be honest.  I think at this point, the Los Angeles Police Department needs to do a top-down self-evaluation. Do it on the lowkey.  But I wager, Dorner is not wrong about there needing to be very significant changes in the operations of the LAPD.

“If you recognize my vehicle, and confirm it is my vehicle thru a dmv/want warrant check.” – Dorner

Well, they didn’t even do that basic procedure. 


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Assault on the Eyes Rifle

Lady Gaga goes boom boom with her bra…

PS – In other news, the AP just alerted my phone that Lance Armstrong has admitted he used performance drugs.  (Likely Viagra to keep the woman in his life happy.)

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Just some fun…

What would Batman look like if you combined ever actor who played him? how about Superman? James Bond? And Doctor Who?

Kind of fascinating, as I think in each case it’s a pretty darn good “typing” of the character.

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McAfee Anti-Virus but Pro-Bath Salts – now sought for murder…

UPDATE: The recent McAfee update is saying he is only wanted for questioning, regarding the murder and robbery of his neighbor.  (Not sure McAfee would rob the guy, unless he was really out of ca$h.)

Have to say, this story is definitely in the running for “Weirdest Gun Related Story of 2012”.


The man famed for helping us kill those viruses, is now a suspect in Belieze in the possible murder of another ex-patriot. Apparently, John McAfee has spent the past few years trying to work out the kinks of “bath salts” (no, not the tub kind, but the seriously !#$%^ up until you’re eating people’s faces like a zombie kind)

 Love this quote: “As dawn broke over the interior of Belize on April 30, an elite team of 42 police and soldiers, including members of the country’s SWAT team and Special Forces, converged on a compound on the banks of a jungle river….Inside, the cops found $20,000 in cash, a lab stocked with chemistry equipment, and a small armory’s worth of firearms: seven pump-action shotguns, one single-action shotgun, two 9-mm. pistols, 270 shotgun cartridges, 30 9-mm. pistol rounds, and twenty .38 rounds. Vexingly for the police, all of this was actually legal. The guns were licensed and the lab appeared not to be manufacturing drugs but an herbal antibacterial compound.”

Apparently, these were the firearms found in the prior raid:

I’ve got to presume his intention for the multiple shotguns was to be able to arm several hirelings for security.

More articles from Belieze

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The (not so) New iPhone 5…blah blah blah (#crApple)


I’ve been icnreasingly annoyed with Apple for the past two years. The recent boondoggle lawsuit has only furthered that annoyance.  Today, the iPhone 5 is being announced, right this moment in fact.

I have yet to see a single new feature mentioned in the “completely redesigned”:

– new port (finally got rid of the largest connector in the cell phone industry…good job #crApple)

– new map program, because your old one hadn’t been updated in several years because of your war with Google

– VIP email, thank you…of course, Gmail allows you to create filters so you could do something fairly similar.

– incrementally faster processors…expected

– new Siri can launch apps, just like my HTC 6700, which is over 1/2 a decade ancient

– LTE, finally iPhone users can have 4G like everyone else….

– Panoramic photos, store card bank, and lots more apps that you’ve been using for several years – we cloned them.  No, we don’t think that’s wrong. Only we’re allowed to sue over such stupid things.

– more screen, in fact we finally joined the 16:9 aspect ratio revolution – or at least close to it

– NFC (Not For crApple) phones.

– Complete redesign and rebuild of iTunes – ABOUT BLOODY TIME crAPPLE.  Knowing you guys, you redid the entire music/store focus, and forgot to improve the app/synching/stability aspect.  Remember PING, all the wasted time.

– Clumsy Ninja, used to need a super-computer, now an iPod touch….sheesh, when did this need a super computer? 10 years ago…maybe?

– Super-secret wrist strap button for your iPod touch. Just what EVERYONE wanted.  Are we jumping the shark here Apple? I’m not sure if the iPhone5 would have been much different under Steven Jobs. But I am pretty after this, the iPhone 6 would be.

– EAR PODS….Okay, I give credit where credit is due. These look innovative, stylish, odd, but a definite improvement.  Look like they’d be more comfortable over a long period of time. And air flow design might help both in comfort and sound quality KUDOS apple.

Allow me the ability to back-up and restore individual apps. And to transfer my iPhone syncing to another machine without erasing, and I might be content.

So there we have it folks, about as I’ve predicted. Updated processor, LTE enabled, iPhone with a modernized plug.  Now granted, iOS 6 has some interested and desirable features. But knowing #crApple, you’ll have to buy the iPhone 5 to use most of the features. Because things like “child mode” can’t be run on your older iPhone…ju$t $aying.

I think I am starting to understand Apple’s lawsuit of Samsung. If this constitutes a “completely redesigned” phone, crApple must not be able to think outside of the flat rounded box.


Where Apple should have gone.

– iPod, wireless synching, wireless broadcast…any Apple Air speakers could be broadcast too. No more cables.

– bluetooth audio streaming would be nice, most other phones have had this for like several years. And the iPhone still CANNOT do this. (Oddly, I can get it do it on a phone call, just not any other time.)

Seriously, not impressed.  And I am glad, because I really want to leave the iOS platform. And well, this feeble update, let’s call it iPhone4SII  – we changed the exterior and called it a new phone. Seriously, I expect Apple’s stock to take a fair dive today.  I think people wanted something a bit more advanturous for #5.  Granted, the wide angle screen + mini connector + LTE alone will drive sales.  But these SHOULD have been done back in the 4/4S era.

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