Mexican Vigilantes to Be Legalized, Keep Your Weapons “Just Register Them!!!”

Part of me is happy that the Mexican government is recognizing the vigilantes, and using an old part of their defense system to essentially “officialize” the militias.

But I’m not sure I’d trust the call of “You can keep your prohibited rifles, so long as you register them with the military.”

If I were the militia leaders, I would argue that we will register ourselves as active in the militia. But not our arms. You should be able to simply verify that if any members is active in the militia, then they are justified in their arms.  No need to know what arms specifically.

But as for registering their guns….IMHO “DON’T DO IT!!!”

Also interesting is this bit…

“the agreement also allows those who qualify to join local police forces. “The majority of us want to get into the police …””

Interesting, perhaps this will allow enough fresh blood to enter the Mexican law enforcement to bring it back to being a legal policing force.

Lastly, just goes to show “outlawing” such weapons does NOT make them cease to exist.

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Cop shoots Cop, again…

California BART police officer shoots a second officer while conducting a search in connection to a string of robberies. The officer accidentally fired and hit the other officer.

Okay, really, so essentially in a crowded train environment you have an officer walking around with his loaded gun drawn sweeping everybody? Or was he so trigger happy he drew his weapon and discharged.

Seriously California, you are getting the just deserves of your policies. You have completely destroyed the civilian gun culture in your state. The result of this is law enforcement officers with zero experience with firearms, lacking even the most rudimentary basics of firearm handling. This is the consequence of destroying

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Even your studies are in our favor…

Oh ya, that gun crisis you keep hearing.  Ya, well it’s been getting better not worse. And you know, that Congressional study stuff. That suddenly was rather quiet once completed, largely because is showed that in most every way, increased gun ownership was not leading to higher crime.

In fact, though we’ve had over 50% increase in gun ownership.  Gun murders have nearly fallen by 50% between 1994-2009. 

As for the guns causing the crimes. It’s not scary ARs, assault rifles, hi capacity handguns. It’s mostly the smaller revolvers and derringers.


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Important notice for Pennsylvanian Concealed Carriers

H/T Sebastian at PAGunblog

“In Pennsylvania Superior Court, the case is Commonwealth v. McKown. The court rules that Pennsylvania residents are required to have a license to carry issued by Pennsylvania, and that we cannot lawfully carry on licenses issued by foreign jurisdictions, even if reciprocity agreements exist?”

Go read the rest, it gets worse…

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The Danger of Common Sense Gun Laws…

A DC man found his home raided by 30 gestapo police officers, his family abused, all for a claim of guns which were not there. They did find some musket balls, one shotgun round, some empty brass, and one box of ammo.

The result? The DC man now faces up to two years in jail. Mr. Witaschek does own guns as he is an avid hunter, but he keeps them at his sister’s house in Virginia. (Something that many of the new “Common Sense” gun laws proposed would make illegal, as it would be viewed as a “transfer”.)

Seriously, when I hear folks talk about the no compromise NRA, and how we refuse common sense gun laws. I point to cases like this of zero tolerance insanity. And an unwillingness to fix these abuses. The other side has never ever shown any openess to work to fix laws to prevent heinous abuses like this. But they continue to bleat about a lack of compromise. Sorry, we’ve already compromised our rights tremendously. And they still can’t come to the table.

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What happens when you can’t “buy” a gun with a credit card?

Sound crazy?

Paypal already refuses such. What would happen if VISA/MasterCard followed suit? How many individuals are buying a $1,500 AR15 with ca$h from a gun shop?  

Its a frightening possibility, but one that could be very real in the future.  One we need to be ready to fight against. Don’t doubt this is an angle anti-gunners haven’t considered.

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Wait…I thought England doesn’t have gun crime?

Daughter of Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain held at gun point.  Thankfully no one was harmed. 

We often hear England touted as an example of the success of gun rights. But I argue it is not. Crime is still high. And if you look at the per capita number of firearms.  The gun crimes are extremely high for a society whose citizens do not have access to firearms.

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Police don’t come due to a lack of money…

Want to know why there is no funding for you police? And why our courts and prisons keep releasing violent criminals?  Look no further than to failing Detroit and California to see the flawed government policies.

Detroit shutting down hundreds of small businesses for permit violations.

California chasing after unregistered contractors.


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Unauthorized Journalist Questions Spin…

This is how we the “authorized journalists“…spin it!–abc-news-politics.html

Summary, article details DC’s strict gun laws mentioning that “Gun-rights advocates frequently suggest that tough gun laws don’t make people safer.”

Then the article says “In 2012, D.C. reported fewer than 100 homicides for the first time since 1963.” implying that DC’s strict gun laws have led to the homicide decline.

When in truth, if you were to point to a single change since 1963, one would have to note that the removal of DC’s gun ban was the most significant change in recent years, and perhaps in the past 40 years since the ban was put into effect.

But hey, speaking the truth is NOT a requirement, nor even an element of “authorized journalists“.

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Bump…Fire that is…

A company is selling a combination of a belt fed semi-automatic rifle, and a stock that facilitates “bump firing”.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, bump fire is essentially utilizing the recoil so as to press the gun back against your finger triggering another round.  The firing mechanism is still a semi-automatic, and you still only fire one bullet per trigger pull. The point is to remove the human muscle activity of pulling the trigger and replace it with a mechanism triggered by the use of recoil and rubber bands.

The result, a hoky setup that draws the attention of anti-gun CNN.  And sounds like the product which is made by Slide Fire in Texas is marketed by those totally unfamiliar with the fact that we have an entire multi-million dollar enemy who seeks to disarm America and loves using comments lise these

“It sprays like a fire house” – Brandon Renner, sales and marketing manager for Slide Fire.

Thank you, thank you…you just had to give the Bloomberg trolls some soundbites.  Come on gun community, whether you think it’s a right, whether you think it’s right, we still need to be very mindful of not handing ammunition to our foes. No, I’m not saying it’s wrong to develop such. I’m just saying that making statements like “sprays like a fire hose” is unnecessary and unwise .

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