Another one bites the dust….

Chicago City Council rescinds Chicago’s gun registry in place since 1968.  No, they didn’t do this joyously. They did to comply with the new Illinois state laws. Which they themselves were done in order to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision that Chicago was indeed infringing upon the civil rights of Americans.

Also interesting to note “Chicago’s homicide rate has declined 22 percent in the past year, according to the Police Department. There have been 295 homicides in Chicago this year, compared with 377 during the same period last year.”

Seriously, so since Chicago has been forced to open the door to civilian gun ownership, homicides had dropped over 20%.  But how do the city politicians refer to this progress?

““There’s no scenario where this makes the jobs of police easier.” Really, cause I would think 20% less homicide police reports being filed would be making their officers day jobs a LOT easier.

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Despite headlines we’re safer than ever….

But what do the experts cite as the reason?

“shifts in the crack cocaine market, which drove many 1990s-era murders; an increase in the number of offenders behind bars; the country’s aging population; and more sophisticated policing for the declines”

Pretty much the kitchen sink and everything but the increase in firearm ownership and carry permits. Just saying…

*** also mentioned that the CDC’s report on guns for President Obama is done. Don’t expect the President to mention it much though. The result basically is that there was a ration of of 1:1.6+ ration of gun crimes vs guns used in self-defense.

I am pretty sure to quote ol’ Ben Kenobi “These are not the statistics the President was looking for.”

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CSGV – We Love to Misrespresent the Facts

I meant to post this a few days ago, but got busy.

CSGV made a dramatization video of the Martin/Zimmerman incident. Of course they couldn’t do a real dramatization, because folks would be wondering…what was Mr. Martin doing for 2-4 minutes. 

All the voices seem to have this heightened falsetto tone which rather turns me off further.  But essentially it ends with dozens of hooded victims on ground and a quote that laws should protect the victims.

And you know what? I agree. Yes, I absolutely agree with CSGV on this. I think the only disagreement we have is WHO was the victim.  CSGV has a fundamental flaw. They exist to stop “Gun Violence”.  As such, they view any gun violence as bad. Even when that violence is protecting the lives of good/innocent people.

Were they to call themselves CSV, Coalition to Stop Violence. They might have objected to Mr. Martin smashing Mr. Zimmerman’s head into the ground. Might have objected to Mr. Martin initiating physical confrontation.  But that is not a concern to CSGV. They only care about guns which in all cases are bad. 

This is a common trait of anti-gun groups. And this is why we see criminals in their victim rolls. Because if a woman shoots and kills a man trying to rape her, CSGV views the rapist as the victim and the woman defending herself as the criminal. postulates this video probably wasted a fair chunk of change with little likelihood to have much influence. (I do hope they’re correct.) I hope they’re right.  But you know, I’d love to see our side do a video which matches the facts.  Namely, Mr. Zimmerman in his car until dispatch asks him which way did the suspect run. Mr. Zimmerman stopping running when asked to do so (which believe it or not, even the CSGV video appears to depict).  And then Mr. Zimmerman on the phone with dispatch for a few minutes.  Likely watching the rear gate.  2 minutes or more passing by. Hangs up, walks back to his car and is suddenly jumped by Mr. Martin. Who punches him, breaks his nose, and begins smashing his head into the ground. 

I wonder if people saw that video, which follows most of the evidence we have.  If folks would think differently, and wonder what was Mr. Martin’s problem that he liked to resort to violence.

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Welcome Kahr Arms

The NUGUN Blog would like to OFFICIALLY welcome Kahr to Pennsylvania.

As a former Connecticut Yankee now living in William Penn’s court. I can assure you the laws a fair bit saner here in PA.

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Izumo – “If it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck…”

Apparently, Japan has unveiled their new “cruiser”.

The concern is that some think it looks more like an aircraft carrier than a cruiser.  And this raises concern (of asiatic escalation).

Well, if it looks and sounds like a duck, it probably is….

The concern is that with an 800ft deck, it could be used to launch jump-jets like Harriers and the new F-35 Marine version.

And this is a concern…well, because since WWII. Japan being a loser is supposed to be limited in the building up of armies and navies.  You know what? that was 60 years ago. And I’m rather tired of defending Japan and Germany.  So I say, let them rebuild. 


Of course a simple search for “Izumo Warship” will get you many pics of this…

And if you just type Izumu, this is what you’ll get …

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Chicago…toughening up while they still can


Chicago adds more guns to their banned list and raises fines.

Article states a big concern of residents is the closing of 50 public schools leading kids to have to cross gang lines.

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NJ attempts to ban 50 caliber, gets a little smarter in wording…

Sebastian reporting on NJ’s latest attempt to ban 50 caliber rifles.  Apparently,they’re getting a little bit smarter in their wording and focusing on muzzle energy, thus having a law that avoids banning Revolutionary war replicas muskets in the process.

But where there is a will, there’s a way. That’s right, any “centerfire” cartridge is prohibited.  So that’s why we here at The NUGUN Blog are announcing the new “ringfire” cartridge.


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In today’s news…Gun Migration & Glock Blocks

PTR Industries to leave Connecticut, relocate to South Carolina.

How long until Ruger decides to move to either New Hampshire, or more likely, Arizona. How long until all the other remaining manufacturers leave?


Tired of crime in her Milwauikie, Oregon neighborhood and recognizing the inadequacies of a Block Watch, one grandmother decides to form a Glock Block,


Of course this article about the IRS paying $70 million in bonuses, despite being instructed not to is so reminiscent of what Glen Tate’s 299 Days alludes to as the mentality that drives the system to a collapse.

“The IRS always claims to be short on resources,” Grassley said. “But it appears to have $70 million for union bonuses. And it appears to be making an extra effort to give the bonuses despite opportunities to renegotiate with the union and federal instruction to cease discretionary bonuses during sequestration.”

NYC to ban 3D printed guns…

At least they’re including an exception for licensed gun smiths. But then this makes me wonder. Could a design shop simply print their “serial number” on a metal unit that meets the “undetectable firearm” requirement.  And be legitimate?

So basically, you buy the design, and the “receiver”. Which is merely a metal block with the serial number. You print your gun. It now has the serial number, and the metal block to facilitate detection via metal detectors. 

And then you have legally met the requirements. Seems like this legislation is total FAIL.

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Bush only worse…. see some friends on the left having doubts

This White House has been horrible at transparency. In 2010, in more than a third of the requests for public records, the Obama administration didn’t provide any information. In fact, the administration has released fewer recordsunder the Freedom of Information Act than were released during the George W. Bush administration.  

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