Zimmerman in the news again….(tiring)

Okay, so this time Mr. Zimmerman decided to point a shotgun at his girlfriend. And I suspect he’ll be convicted this time of felony aggravated assault. Which is good.  I believe he is showing himself not safe to possess at this time.


Wife now questions based on incident too.


So what does this mean.  No one likes having a nut job be a poster child for them.  Is it just the result of a horrendous trial?  was he always this off the handle? or is there something we may all be missing?

I’m not sure, but it dawned on me that this dude was having his head seriously smashed into against the cement.   It’s got me wondering if he might of actually suffered brain damage.  It’s well documented that certain types of severe trauma to the brain can cause an increase in irrational activity.  And yes, it’s possible he was always like this.  If Mr. Zimmerman was smart, he’d check himself into a hospital and seek a neuroligist that specializes in head trauma and see if there may be more damage than realized.

And folks, this is why, even if you’re in the right. It’s always better if you can get away and not have to take someone’s life. Cause your life will likely never be the same again.

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In the news today…. “(un)Common Sense” zero tolerance policies and vigilante justice.


Two university students face expulsion after using a handgun to defend themselves from an intruder in their university-owned apartment. 

So a stranger claiming to just have gotten out of jail exclaims he wants money. They offer him a blanket and food to no avail, he enters the apartment.  One roomate shouts to the other who comes out with gun drawn.

These apartments are not gated, no key cards, etc. The university exclaims that they have security.  But we all know how slow that is.  The man was later captured by police and identified as a six-time felon.

In other words, had these students NOT had a firearm, they might be dead corpses of which Campus security would be filing a police report for.  And for protecting their lives, the school wants to expel them – cause that’s “common sense”.




When is vigilante justice, justified?

Man looking for abducted cousin enters an abandoned house and shoots and kills her kidnapper. Sheriff’s department has thankfully ruled the shooting justified.


UPDATED:  Just to clarify, no this is not technically vigilante justice. Though some have described it as such.  But an actual felony was in progress, as such this was action taken to defend one’s self and/or family.  So even in the legal definition, it is not considered vigilantism.

Now, whether there are times more traditional vigilantism is justified is a subject for much debate.  But I do believe there are times when it is necessary.  But 99.8% of the time, you’re wrong.  And your actions will likely be seen as nothing but murder.  It is taking a lot into one’s own hands to be judge, jury and executioner. And most of the time within the confines of a stable society, that is frowned upon as criminal behavior. 

Outside of a civilized and ordered society, things become far mor gray. Why do we have a justice system? because, we as a society decided to put distance between the enraged victims and the perpetrator, to ensure that questions regarding whether the perpetrator in fact did the deed, and to what level of guilt they did so, are answered before any pronouncement is made. And that is a major part of why we have society today. And we truly don’t want to lose that…ever.


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Bulletproof Back-to-school products

CNN has an article on various products to protect our school children

I actually support such developments, and believe that the mere positioning of book shelves, bullet resistent whiteboards, and steel rebar door locks (hole in floor, drop bar in, door cannot be opened). Could do a lot to make our classrooms safer by providing areas which can shield students.

If one can keep a shooter out of the classroom, and provide a barrier for the students to hide behind. They should be safe until authorities can arrive and subdue the shooter.

Sadly, I think very little thinking of this sort has been implemented at any school boards across America.

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Zimmerman did not kill that boy

He was dead long before Mr. Zimmerman shot Mr. Martin.


When George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin the media portrayed it as an over zealous community watch man. We were shown kiddie pics, altered 911 logs and a lot more.

But then folks scoured the web and Martin started to look more like a thug. dealer, gangster, thief.

These text messages leave little doubt that the cute little boy was sadly dead a long time before Mr. Zimmerman shot Mr. Martin


UPDATE: More pics at CNN article

Keep your booger picker off the trigger


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Zimmerman waives preliminary “Stand Your Ground” defense

Why this is important, and very much appreciated on my part.  Much of the media on the left were trying to turn this case into an attack on the recent “Stand Your Ground” legislation. By not pursuing that defense, Zimmerman is basically helping to protect our legislation by removing it from the argument and limelight.


NOTE: The article does note that they could still use it as a defense during the actual trial. So not being a lawyer, (there are many great lawyerly gun blogs that can truly explain this). I am presuming that they’re not going to attempt to have the charges dismissed via the “Stand Your Ground” defense, and rather go to trial to prove innocence.  I think for this particular case, it’s a wise move.  Zimmerman needs to face a trial, and be cleared before said trial if he is to ever have any of his life back.  If he used the “Stand Your Ground” law, the media would exclaim that “a child murderer goes free due to a loophole”. This is the game our enemy likes to play. And I am glad that Zimmerman’s legal counsel are wisely playing a defensive move that is good for our entire cause.

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Why you might need more than 7 rounds…

Sebastian over at the PAGunblog gives a great reason…


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“If it saves one life….ban parole!”

We always hear that claim. If it saves even one life.  Really? Really?  If you are ever told that, then exclaim back loudly “Then lets eliminate parole and early release programs.”

Far more lives would be saved in a year by that one change than an AWB would save in 10 years. It is almost rare that I ever hear of a violent assault, rape, robbery in which the criminal was committing their first crime and facing their first conviction.

“Ramsey [criminal] had a job, regularly met with his parole officer and had tested negative for drugs, Marlan said.His record also included convictions for destruction of police or fire property, resisting police and assault with a dangerous weapon.”

Clearly, parole board has failed. They have a knack for that.
In the case of this article of a rapist, who’s victim leapt from the vehicle and fled to a house.  And a 14 year old with a decent head on his shoulders.  He grabbed his hunting knife, the woman called 911, and the criminal tried to burn the house down.

But at least the 14 year old was smart enough to arm himself with the best tool he could find.  Remember, it’s the Right to Bear Arms – Not Right to Bear Guns … let’s NEVER forget that. Knives, swords, clubs, all should be protected.  

This is one of my only gripes about Pennsylvania law. I have an LTCF, or License to Carry Firearm…not a license to carry a weapon. And that bums me out. Yes, I do think we should be able to wield knives, swords, tazers, and in another 20 years – lasers.



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Because empty guns do not always keep them down…

Mother protects her family, shoots home invader 5 times with revolver (misses once). Keeps man subdued with empty gun as they empty and flee.  Home invader than escapes and drives off in vehicles.

Now consider these facts:

  • 5 shots was not sufficient to stop the invader
  • Ran out of ammunition. Had there been a second home invader,
    she  would have been unarmed… clearly there is a need for more
    than 10 round magazines.
  • She hit 5 out of 6 rounds on target, that’s an 83% hit rate
    (Compare this to police who had a mere 65% hit rate – remember that when people argue guns should only be in the hands of trained people like police officers)
  • She would likely be dead if not for her gun.  So would her child.


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We Are Losing the War on Terror

The 11th anniversary of 9-11 passed this month. It was further bittered by another attack on Americans. I did not blog about 9-11 because I am very torn with regards to it.

Essentially, 10 years later I am more sorrowful. Not as much as I was 11 years ago when 9-11 transpired just an hour or so from my home. But I will say that I am far more discouraged at the 11th anniversary than I was at the 1st anniversary.

This recent article is part of why. The article details the growing influence that Iran has in Iraq. And from a quick read you can gather fairly easily that Iraq is likely to become another Iranian puppet state like Syria and Libya.

All that money, and all those precious lives, expended on the war in Iraq – for what?

We failed to bring real stability, we failed to rebuild a thriving infrastructure like with did in Germany, Japan and Korea. And I believe in part that is due to the fact that we balked on spending $$$ to build and wound up spending even more on a prolonged conflict.

Now we read about our troops in Afghanistan going on needless patrols only to be blown to bits. Gaining no terroritory, accomplishing nothing…

I wager any Vietnam veterans reading these recent accounts of futile patrols in Afghanistan are crying. Because they know how painful it is to lose a friend, but how much more painful it is to lose that friend needlessly and without purpose.

But even if Aghanistan and Iraq are chalked in history as failures. That’s not the true proof that we lost this war. The real proof we lost the war on terror is the TSA.

Everyday thousands of Americans and their children are subjected to invasive searches and seizures. Checkpoints in which bodies are groped, fondled, and handled in ways that’d land a priest in jail. And this is tolerated…along with the trampling of numerous other civil liberties. All in the name of freedom safety. A safety most will affirm is merely theater.

Are we REALLY afraid that a passenger plane will be hijacked and used as a bomb again? I’m not. I know if anyone attempted to hijack an American passenger plane, those Americans on board would rise up and subdue their hijackers; dying if necessary, to keep us safe.

If it ever happens again, it will not be a passenger plane. Rather, it will be a cargo plane such as those used by UPS or FedEx. A plane with nothing but a 2-3 man crew to be overcomed. And even that I believe is unlikely.

Meanwhile, what scares the crap out of me is how easy it would be to sail a 25 ft boat from West Africa or Indonesia into Baltimore, NY, Miami, San Francisco or San Diego harbor and go BOOM!!!

The lack of a nuke or dirty bomb is pretty much the only thing preventing America’s enemies from accomplishing such a strategy. So while we waste billions on security theater in our airports. The real threat and danger lurks. If there is anywhere that needs money, it’s the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Border Patrol.

The Coast Guard with it’s aging ships is in desperate need of new tools to do their job and keep us safe. I’d argue they’re more important than the U.S. Navy at the moment. A 25 ft sailboat with a dirty bomb is a far greater threat than a surface engagement with another superpower like Russia or China.

Frankly, I would like to see Congress to authorized a new light drone carrier for the Coast Guard so they can run drones up and down the coast line monitoring for suspicious activity or radiological signals. Equip their vessels with anti-submarine warfare equipment. As recent articles have pointed to increased use of such equipment by drug cartels to smuggle contraband into our nation.

These simple actions are “no brainers”, that Congress apparently is unable to contemplate. And why I fear that one day, we may see a tragedy that makes 9-11 pale in comparison unless we wise up.

But so far, it sure looks like we’re losing the “War on Terror”. Yes, we got Saddam. Yes we got Osama bin Laden. But we’re losing Afghanistan, Iraq, and American Liberty.


I know that some will be offended by my accusation that we are losing the war on terror. Please, do not take that as a desire on my part to do so. But rather calling into question the failed strategies and implementations. And the fact that we are paying an exceedingly high price in liberty to gain a miniscule amount of safety.

Shoot First…..questions come later!

Disturbed by the increasing trend in modern police forcing to immediately resort to force.  Here is a perfect example, police gun down double amputee in a wheel chair.

That’s right, the man (who had a case history of schizophrenia) had apparently pinned an officer with his chair, and possessed an item in his hand.  So he was fatally shot.

The item happened to be the most dangerous of weapons – a pen. For we all know the “Pen is mightier than the Glock”.

Yes, the man was acting aggressive.  Yes, there was potential need for force.  But was there need for lethal force?  I am highly doubtful of that.  First, most officers these days are equipped with secondary non-lethal force items (baton, pepper spray, and tazers).  Were any of these put into use? They should have been…

“The officers made verbal commands for the suspect to drop whatever he had in his hand, to stay still and to speak with the officers, but the suspect continued to make threats,”

Second, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that there was no reason they should not have been able to restrain this man without the use of their firearms.  There were at least two offices involved per the article. The man was a double amputee, thus largely immobile. Even if one officer was pinned an attempt to grab the man’s hands should have provided both the determination that he did not have a gun, and the elimination of the man’s mobility through his wheel chair.

How hard would it have been for one officer to grab the chair and turn it on it’s back or both officers to restrain the arms. (Remember, this guy is a double amputee it’s not like he could use his legs to run or kick.)

Frankly, you could take any ol’ Joe, Jane, or 10 year old kid and put a gun in their hand and tell them go into a room and if any resistance or defiance is made – shoot!

That’s NOT WHAT WE PAY OFFICERS TO DO, we pay you to go into a room, handle a matter and shoot only as a last resort.  Shame, shame, shame….

I am sorry, but I am gravely concerned by how trigger happy many police departments have begun.  I feel police are merely armed citizens and should be held responsible to the same level as an armed citizen, just more so.  And if an armed citizen did what these Houston area police officers did they would in no way pass muster of self-defense.  So please, anyone, anyone in uniform, explain to me the justification of law enforcement officers to meet a lesser standard in armed conflict than a mere “armed citizen”.

Frankly, if I was a judge in this matter, I would make every officer in that department sit through the NRA’s pistol training courses:

  • FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation
  • Basic Pistol Shooting Course
  • Advanced Pistol
  • Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

That would be the bare minimum to ensure that said officers not exceed their authorized role in society.  To the men in blue, I am sorry if this post is harsh, but it’s got to stop. Seriously, I understand you take risks day in and day out, and are underpaid to do so.  But that doesn’t lessen the responsibility and behavior that are required and expected by society.




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