Women are the next big thing!

Even CNN.com admits that when it comes to guns, it’s all about women these days.  I have a feeling that in 30 years, guns may be like college, more women will own and practice with them than men.

But gun manufacturers need to shape up their image. Too often the marketing is “shiny guns, big boobs”.  This = BAD MARKETING.

You want to hit it out of the park…I’d do an add campaign showing a “soccer mom” in various stages of life. Serving lunch to her kids, picking the kids up from soccer, etc, etc. All while wearing a concealed carry firearm, and photoshopping the image with translucency to show it beneath her garments. Don’t go super hot, go for chic mom appearance. I think that will hit it out of the park.

Also, start modifying your inventory. More adjustable rifles. Ruger…WHY THE HECK have you not released an adjustable stock 20 gauge shotgun? You think the LCP sold like hotcakes. What one gun can you hunt everything from pheasant to deer, and use for self defense. Put in the arms of a 6ft tall man or a 10 year old girl.  Seriously, this is the gun that DOES NOT EXIST – BUT SHOULD!!!

  • 80% of firearm retailers reported increase in female customers in 2012
  • 22%/28% of Florida/Texas carry permits are held by women. (The latter up seven fold in the last decade.)


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Draft (and we ain’t mean beer)

To be honest, I’ve long held that on a personal level I do not have an issue with giving any male over the age of 18 a beer.  My argument, they’re 18, they’re an adult. How can we refuse them.  Don’t tell me they’re not mature enough.  They’re mature enough to have to register with the selective service, potentially be drafted, have a rifle shoved in their hands and be told to go kill people.

How much more maturity does one need to have a beer?

You might have noticed that I said any male, that’s because women do not have to register for selective service.  (Not because of maturity.)  And I’ve long argued that in the quest for equality women should be required to register for selective service. Even if there wasn’t a need for combat jobs, they certainly could fill roles in other military capacities (flying drones, IT, medical field, chefs, etc).  Well with the recent change in the military. And access of women into combat roles. The question now becomes, “Will this bastion of inequality be removed?”

If so, I have no problem with a gal subject to the draft having a draft.  😉



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Women and Gun Growth

Connecticut is seeing a surge in gun ownership among women. As a former Connecticut resident who is fond of reminding the gun community how much of our gun heritage originates in that small little state – this is GOOD NEWS!!!

Per the article, in the first half of 2012 over 3,500 women were issued carry permits. To put that in perspective, currently 30,000 women have carry permits.  So in a mere 1/2 a year Connecticut has added 10% again onto the number of women with carry permits.

Now realize, if you could earn a 10% return in 6 months you would be considered an uber-growth stock.  Let’s not forget we are talking about a New England state, one considered to be a liberal bastion. What this means is that the perception of gun ownership is ceasing to merely be a conservative, redneck ideal and is increasingly being viewed with broad political appeal

The effect on the future of politics may be profound. Currently, the vast majority of 2nd Amendment support derives from the conservative base. It’s often why we get slammed when Republicans are in office. If the Republicans don’t back our cause the Democrats are surely not going to leap to our defense.  But if firearms ceases to be a left/right issue, and the Democrats start to see more and more of their constitutuents supporting 2nd Amendment rights. The right to keep and bear arms will become a swing voter issue.  If you understand the game of politics, the swing vote is the mighty vote.  The staunch conservative and liberals seldom affect the outcome of elections. It’s that middle undecided vote, the vote that brings the 2%-4% percentage point difference in close elections, and decides who wins and who loses.

If this trend grows, more and more Democrats may find themselves less gung ho on gun control  Sure, you’ll have the die-hard liberals. But those Democrats who actually don’t give a darn about the issue one way or the other could begin to become supporters, if they view it as a way to garner an edge in an election.

The article includes a number of profound fact, just to summarize:

  • 43% of women polled reported having a firearm in their house
  • 23% of women polled said they own a gun
  • 3,500 new carry permits for women in the first half of 2012
  • Women focused training event – SOLD OUT
  • 73% increase in firearm sales to women
  • 50% increase in female participation in shooting sports

Wow, what can I say? This was one of the most informed, well researched and accurate articles I’ve seen on firearms in a very long time. Excellent job by the Hartford Courant!


#nraam Thank You

Dear St. Louis,

Thank you for hosting us and providing us a place to enjoy ourselves.

To all my readers, you’re why I blog, thank you for all the likes, shares and followings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

This concludes our coverage of the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting.

The N.U.G.U.N. Blog

The Age of Eve

There has been a lot of discussion regarding how even when hyped up events such as the Martin-Zimmerman incident occurs, that overall, support for firearm ownership continues to be going up.

The questions begs to be asked “Why?”

Many will point, and I believe rightly so, to the Internet. Which has allowed for broader communication paths and a greater ability to press the mainstream media to recant misnomers and manipulations.  It was largely the ‘new media’ which began to shift the mainstream media’s portrayal of Zimmerman (mug shot) and Martin (cute little boy).  If not for the new media, we might not have ever seen the “real” participants.

But I believe there is a second trend that is also a large cause for the growing change in perception.  That is the XX chromosone…

Women, especially in certain communities and ethnicities, have been far less pro-gun and often anti-gun.  The ‘gun’ becomes the object of focus in tragedies rather than the deeds and/or behaviors.  It’s not that my “baby boy was dealing drugs”….it was that G-U-N!!!

It’s an emotional reaction, and in many ways understandable. It is far easier to blame an object and associate it with evil than acknowledge that we might have failed somehow in raising our children, or worse, failed to have the means to relocate a child far enough away from a bad environment.

All that said, our society is changing.  Gone is the “Leave it to Beaver” home of a working dad, doting mother, and smiling happy children.  More and more we are seeing the single working mother struggling to raise her kids on her own. Or the ‘independent woman’, 35+ never married, lives on their own, takes care of themselves.

The two women I believe are doing more to shape the perception of firearms than anything else, (excepting the internet).  You see as more and more women take care of themselves, and cease reliance on a ‘man’, they repeatedly come to a conclusion.  I can feed myself, cloth myself, pay a rent and live the lifestyle I want….but what about physically keeping myself safe?  The conclusion is that they need an “equalizer“.

“God made man; Colt made them equal!”

I’ve had a number of co-workers and acquaintances express interest in going to the range. Interestingly, 70%-80% have been women.  Talk about defying the stereotype, it’s not the men being “gung-ho” about guns. It’s independent women seeking to empower themselves with the strength to protect all their hardwork of life.


Inspired by the recent event of a woman in Detroit defending herself from four intruders.  Interestingly, they found her purse with her carry firearm. But she drew a back-up firearm and took one out with a head shot and sent the other three fleeing for police to find.

There has been a societal stigma of guns from certain circles and I think we are seeing that stigma decline.  Are we witnessing a return to a 150+ years ago where both men and women viewed firearms as merely tools of function?



Yahoo does massive hit piece….but comments go the other way.

Yahoo did a hit piece Marrion Hammer and the NRA, referring to her as “Gaga for Guns”.  The article is a biased, one view point diatribe without addressing any other facts.

That said, the article is an utter #Fail because all the comments are pretty much pro-right, anti-criminal.


First Time Shooters Have a Blast

A number of co-workers (IT industry / computer programmer types) have expressed interest in going out shooting. Most have never fire a gun.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the first of my co-workers and her friend out to shoot for the first time. (It also happened to be her birthday.)

We met at Freedom Armory in Glenn Rock, PA.  

I started with a lecture on safety, the three/four rules.  After that we entered the range, providing all partipants with proper ear and eye protection.  Now the fun began…

We started off with my Ruger MK III Hunter chambed in .22 LR. We progressed through the basics, grip, keeping from being bit by the slide, use of safety, sight picture, and keeping the finger off the trigger. (Always one of the more challenging aspects for new shooters as our fingers naturally want to curl into that trigger guard.) 

My co-worker’s friend began to get into a groove and had a very nice and condensed group around the bullseye.  I could see the look of “fun” appearing on her face.

Next we moved to my Ruger GP100 loaded with .38 Specials. A change in action, feel, and intensity. I explained that there would be additional recoil, but thanks to the weight of firearm it would not be significantly more than the .22LR.   We progressed to both shooters firing off some .357 Magnums –warned in advance that this would be a different level of heightened intensity.  And that within the confines of the indoor range they would experience the sensation of the air being moved and bouncing off the aisle walls.

Once again my co-worker’s friend was doing very well stayin on target.  She found the double-action trigger pull challenging and went with a cock and fire pattern. 

My co-worker while having a bit more difficulty in general staying on target did very well with the double-action pull.

Not bad for a first time shooter!

Clearly, my friend’s friend needs to start looking for a league!

We also discussed some understanding of the history of firearms & gun control, misnomers often repeated in the media.  Explaining those so-called “high powered assault weapons” use cartridges that are dwarfed by most deer hunting rifles.  How those tubular barrel shrouds are a safety device to keep one from being burned by the barrel. And how when you’re fielding an army of tens of thousands of soldiers of varying sizes, from 7ft tall men to 5ft tall women, having an adjustable stock made out of plastic simply makes a rifle more ergonomic – not more dangerous.

“Just like how in the movies they always do these impossible things with computers.”  they stated….and I was like “Exactly!”

I believe it was an eye-opening experience, and both seemed to have a great time. I’d call it a success as both new shooters and are interesting in pursuing things further. One purchased a 1 year membership at Freedom Armory as she passes by that way often, the other bought a hoodie sweatshirt.

Some interesting conversation has arisen since. My friend now sports two empty brass casings pinned to her cubicle wall. We discussed how the gun community is almost like a secret society, and that she might discover it’s akin to a “coming out party”.  I shared a couple of occasions in churches where the topic has turned from God to guns and the discovery that most of us owned firearms and were shooters.

Sure enough, she approached me at work, about how now she’s finding out how all different people she know have gone shooting and owned guns.  It’s almost like once the veil is removed, there are a lot more gun-lovers out there than anyone realizes.  And I think we’ve just grown that number by 2.

A Tale of Courage, Bravery and Smarts

“I’ve got two guns in my hand – is it okay to shoot him”

18 year widow, Sarah McKinley, protects herself and her child from would be intruders. The Oklahoma mother had just lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day. A man came by claiming to her neighbor wanting to say ‘hello’ after the funeral. She refused to let him in.

[Editor Note, hopefully most of our readers here would have had the wisdom and caution to not open the door.]

The man returned with a friend AND a 12 inch hunting knife. McKinley called 911, and while having armed herself with both a shotgun and a pistol. Remember that it is better to be alive and face a jury, than to be a victim. McKinley inquired if it was okay to shoot if they came through the door. Thankfully, the 911 agent did not give one of the typical “Don’t take the law into your own hands. Wait until the police get there, Ma’am.” responses. Rather, the agent responded “I can’t tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby,”

“Please be aware that a man trying to break into your house with a knife is a lethal threat; and it might not be worth the risk of your life to wait until they break into your home.

Sarah McKinley did a LOT right:

  • Refused to open her door.
  • Locked all her doors.
  • Barricaded the door with a couch. Thus slowing the aggressors’ movement.
  • Had 911 on call.
  • Most of all,  she had a functioning firearm, knowledge to use it, and a back-up if needed.

The Bad: A young woman who has already suffered a horrendous loss, is not forced to bear even more emotional wounds this holiday season.

The Good: One monster gone. And an improvement on the part of the 9-1-1 dispatcher’s response.

[Editor’s Note:  To me, the 9-1-1 operator responded correctly, as opposed to the response of the 9-1-1 operator in the North Carolina incident involving a 14 year old boy defending his home and his sister. In that incident the 9-1-1 operator stated “Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?”  This to a 14 year old boy who is defending his home & sister  against four burglars. Seriously, do they even train 9-1-1 operators or just hire them from Burger King?]


Updated Article 
(sadly, accomplice has been released on bail, but is being charged with 1st degree murder)



A fund has been set up by Chickasha Bank & Trust for her. I am endeavoring to get more information and see if there are any online payment options.

Sarah McKinley Fund
c/o Chickasha Bank & Trust Company
P.O. Box 548,
Blanchard, Oklahoma

There are a couple of Walmart’s in the area. For those who might consider sending a gift card that will allow the purchase of groceries, diapers and other needful items.

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