When Green Doesn’t Matter – it’s a beautiful thing….

Desert Tech refused to sell precision firearms to Pakistan’s military.  Unlike our own Federal government, and BAE systems, which seems unconcerned about our soldiers facing superior arms technology on the battlefield, it is comforting to know that some private businesses do NOT put the almighty dollar first.  (Much to the polar opposite of what gun control advocates like to picture gun manufacturers to be.)

Good job Desert Tech

Read article here.

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The overlord is the NSA,
I shall be watched,
Thou maketh lies to Congress,Misleadeth me on quiet matters
Thou hoardeth data thy stole
NSA hideth me from my rights past
for fear’s sake.
Even though I browse through the darkest of nets,I will fear thy evil,
For thou are watching me,
Abroad or home thy staff,
they watcheth me. 

Thou prepares an exploit for me,
presenting me as enemies,
Thou decrypt my phone with toil,
Thy datacenter overflows,Surely thy malice and eyes
will follow me all of the day,
all of my life,
and I will be monitored in my house by the NSA

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Welcome in 2014

Everyone have fun and be safe. 

(We held the fort in 2013. But we must be all the more vigilant in 2014.)

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Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of AK-47, dies at 94


A sign of a truly great design is that it outlasts its inventor. As great as the Ford Model T was, it’s life was but a few years. Even the VW Beetle, perhaps one of the longest running ageless designs saw its day.


But the AK-47 is still being manufactured and used today after nearly 6 decades. Also realize that the AK-47 is a “Generation 2” assault rifle. Meaning it followed shortly after the very first German models.

(This is akin to being a Motorola MicroTAC 9800X in the cell phone world.)

Motorola 2nd Gen

In 2009, Kalashnikov told CNN that two main qualities described the AK-47: simplicity and reliability.


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Underwater Drones

I remember reading a few years ago about Liquid Robotics ocean traveling wave glider. It used the bouyancy of waves to propel a robot across 9,000 nautical miles in just over a year.  It is a pretty amazing feat. And such technology offers the potential to monitor ocean temperatures, currents, etc

Apparently, the Navy has taken interest and is launching its own “glider” drones. The technology can potentially provide numerous benefits to security and underwater communication. Drones could be equipped to monitor our coastal waters for submarines. They could also be used to relay messages to our submerged subs.

I feel this is a positive expenditure of defense funds. I am very skeptical about the need for a new aircraft carrier. I see little benefit. 5 would do, two in the Pacific, two in the Atlantic, one in the gulf. Maybe 7 if you wanted if you wanted to have two that could patrol the world and rattle our sabers.

But if you ask me what we need. I’d say it’s a small pocket carrier that can support a couple of helicopters and a dozen or so drones. And engage in coastal monitoring and anti-submarine operations. And not for the U.S. Navy but for the U.S. Coast Guard.

USCGC Seminole Drone Carrier

The U.S. Navy needs a submersible carrier that can carry two jumpjets or four helicopters. That would facilitate tactical strikes on sensitive targets. Move in close to shore. Launch SEALS/Marine strike units. Return, land, submerge.  I’ve long thought this a far more useful tool in our present day world than large easily sinkable carriers and surface ships. At times I thought I was asking to much of technology, but I truly felt such a ship design is in fact feasible. And apparently, it was, as Japanese built such designs toward the end of WWII to strike the U.S. mainland. If Japan could do it with WWII technology, I am sure we could implement it far more effectively today.


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Off-Topic: Bitcoin

China cracked down on Bitcoin today. The result, we will see if Bitcoin truly succeeds or not. Will Bitcoin continue to be utilized within China? If so, then expect $10,000 bitcoins. Because it will mean that government can’t stop it.

But if China succeeds, expect the U.S. to likely follow. And the controls be put in place to kill it.  $10 Bitcoin.

I for one am not invested in one way or the other, but I am very curious to see how this venture works out over the next few years.


Only one person I know has actively done any bitcoin mining, that’d be Sebastian at PAGunblog, and I’m still rather curious regarding his success.


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Let’s talk about commas and constitutions…

Let’s talk commas and phrasings.  What is the reference to a well regulated militia being the best security of a nation in reference to?

Well reading Madison’s original entry; I believe gives insight.

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person,” said Madison.

You see, that clause seems to really be associated with the aspect not to compel military service to be rendered by those of religious scruples.

Hmm, could of greatly affected the Vietnam draft had that clause made it through.

The article details a few other items.  The next one being in lines with my feelings as well.

“First. That there be prefixed to the Constitution a declaration, that all power is originally vested in, and consequently derived from, the people.

This is something upon which I, and the government, and a great many people disagree.

To me, the Declaration of Independence is a legally binding document.  While there is likely not a Federal judge who would agree with me. I put forth that it is in fact the higher document of the two.

It is the reset document that exceeds the Constitution. It is that which governed America through the many years before the Constitution.
“The powers delegated by this Constitution are appropriated to the departments to which they are respectively distributed: so that the Legislative Department shall never exercise the powers vested in the Executive or Judicial, nor the Executive exercise the powers vested in the Legislative or Judicial, nor the Judicial exercise the powers vested in the Legislative or Executive Departments,” he said in the last part of his proposed Bill of Rights.

Wow, this would of done wonders. Like preventing the Korean War, Veitnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq 2.0.


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Is this what we want?

Not much details on info. But individual flying to Australia has all electronic devices seized without explanation.

Suspicions? He had just attend a conference on surveillance. Apparently, that is enough to confiscate your belongings. Why this is frightful?  It’s a clear statement that Australians have no right and privilege to thought, speech or expression.

It is why the 1st Amendment in America is sacred, and the 2nd equally so, because it is that which protects the first.  We need to be vigilant lest we find ourselves attending symposiums on the 2nd Amendment, and immediately find ourselves detained for our views.


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Colorado School Shooting – fast response saves lives.

Just a few miles from Columbine, a school shooting took place.  But I think we’re finally learning a little.
“The first sheriff’s deputies and police officers arrived at Arapahoe and entered almost immediately after the shooting was reported, Robinson said.”

I believe responders are realizing that they need to just enter, and confront the perpetrator as quickly as possible. As this is commonly the result…
“the suspect has been found inside the school and he has deceased as a result of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound,”

In cases of these shooters, the goal should be to GET IN AND CONFRONT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.  This is one of the first of this type of shooting in which this response has been enacted.  And I think it is interesting that it played out much differntly. Report so far that only two were injured. One in serious condition. Let pray for his well being.

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Our community is changing…

Times are changing.  The gun owning community is no longer about old fat balding white men.  Much of the growth and activism is being led women. Us men a vocal and lazy.  The women who own guns, they’re an independent, determine crowd, vocal crowd. Simultaneously, many minorities seem to be re-embracing their rights to defend themselves. After 50 years of accepting disarmament in cities, and seeing very little change in crime or gang gun shootings.  Minorities have been re-approaching their own histories of self defense. The fact that firearms, were prevalent during the civil rights movements.  And not just by those people might first associate with guns, such as the Black Panther movement. But even men of peace like Martin Luther King Jr. understood the need for strength.  (Yes, MLK owned firearms, and even applied for a carry permit.)  Why? Possessing strength does not require the use of said strength.  And never the initiation of force.  Which is what I believe MLK was pressing for in his call for a peaceful movement. He believed that progress could be achieved without the use of arms. I think he was right. But I don’t think he ever expected any father to sit back and not defend his family from harm. Just never be the initiator of harm.  Following such reasoning leads one to realize that no good man will ever bring harm to another good man.


Article on changing attitudes

Article on MLK owning guns

Summary and link to 114 page PDF

Book on the history of the importance of arms for those who are not able to rely upon the state for protection.

Firearms and Feminism


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